Friday, 7 September 2012

Guess The Theme 19

Good morning and happy Friday everyone!  This weekend is my favourite kind of weekend - we have nothing planned.  Well, we have to take a pram to the charity shop and there's about a million things that need doing round the house, but nothing major.  Hopefully, toddlers and puppies permitting, I'll even get a bit of a lie-in for the next couple of days.

With all my hosting issues this week I forgot to tell you the answer to last week's Guess The Theme.  The items were all clues to chocolate bars - Bubbly, Buttons, Ripple, Double Decker, Lion, Crunchie, Galaxy, Wispa, Twirl and Yorkie.  And now to this week's quiz.  It's just for fun but if you want to share your answer you can comment here, on facebook or on twitter (@cutekidsclocks).

American Licence Plate Bird Feeder by licenceplatestuff
£9.67 (+ £2.58 p&p)
Two Illinois licence plates go into creating this small bird feeder.  Very light and made from Aluminium will last a long time in all Weathers.  Can be hung from tree branches using Garden twine or free standing.  Tray has drainage hole.  The bird feeder stands 9 inches high and the tray is 5 x 5 inches.

Amigurumi Pulp Fiction Dolls by SovietStitch
£34.99 (+ free delivery)
These two come as a set. Can come lightly splattered in red paint at no extra cost. 

Coppiced Ash Pencil Crayons by lovelywoodcompany
£5.15 (+ £2.58 p&p)
All the pencil crayons are approx 4 inches in length. This crayon set includes a Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, Orange and Purple if you would like any other colours please just ask. The sets are bound together with Raffia . 

Cubic Cast Resin Plant Pot by RawDezign
£20 (+ £5 p&p)
Each one of these pots is cast in 2 layers of resin that is poured into a cubic polyhedra shaped mould. Each mould is made using a mixture of origami and geometry that is manipulated by hand for each piece to give each one a unique shape and organic feel.  The pot measures 5" x 5" width and is 4" in height.

Felt Slipper With Suede Sole by SabineFouchier
£45 (+ £6 p&p)
Lovingly handfelted slippers made from soft merino wool with a suede sole, sawn by hand.  Very elegant and comfortable, the slippers are handfelted with 100 % natural fibres using the wet feltmaking technique. The lovely bright colours are hand dyed and the slippers are entirely hand sawn. The felt will shape naturaly on your feet to keep you warm and cosy.

Oasis Bottle Table Lamp by SarahTurnerEcoDesign
£54 (+ free delivery)
The Oasis table lamp is made from a single 500ml Oasis plastic drinks bottle.  The bottle is hand cut and sculpted into a stunning piece, totally unrecognisable from its original form. Sandblasting the Oasis bottle makes the plastic turn from transparent to opaque giving a white finish. These can then be dyed a variety of different colours. Colours available are red, yellow, orange, blue, green, pink, purple and of course white.
Dimensions: 140mm diameter x 350mm tall

A4 "Sleeper" Print by CarlyWattsArt
£4 (+ £2 p&p)
This illustration is printed on A4 matte coated paper; it is completely border-less so it would look fantastic hanging up in a frame with a mount.  Signed and dated on the back.

Space Oddity A3 Print by digtheearth
£28 (+ free delivery)
Inspired by David Bowie's fantastic Space Oddity, this print features a vast span of the Milky Way galaxy and the immortal words 'Can you hear me Major Tom?'  A superb quality A3 giclée print on archival matte paper, printed with museum quality fade-resistant archival pigment inks. Signed and dated.

Set of Three Miniature Seahorses by BlueFoxWood
£50 (+ £5.50 p&p)
Three beautiful little art figure seahorses, in light blue, blue and dark blue with sequin and bead detailing on both sides. They are completely made by hand.

Venice Canal Blurred Colours Photograph by helenaphotography
£18 (+ £2 p&p)
Venetian canal of blurred together colours and shapes.  This picture comes unframed, with a white border, printed onto Fuji Crystal Archive paper with a satin matt finish, size 10x8 inches. 


  1. Thank you so much for including my print in your selection! I really appreciate it!
    Carly Watts

  2. Thank you so much for featuring my Space Oddity print, it's very much appreciated.
    Many thanks Kev