Monday, 6 August 2012

Meet Merlin!

Or Mo-Mo, as my little boy calls him!  He's 3/4 lakeland terrier, 1/4 jack russell and completely adorable...  He's also the reason I got no sleep on Thursday night.  

The plan was that me, hubby and little boy would go to have a look at some puppies on Thursday evening and, if we liked one, we'd put down a deposit and pick it up in a few days, once we'd had chance to buy all our puppy equipment.  When we arrived, in the pouring rain, we were taken over to an outdoor enclosure where three dogs were chained to a wall with a kennel each for shelter.  The two puppies were in what looked like a homemade guinea pig cage with half the floor space taken up by a muddy puddle.  When the owner took the puppies out and put them down in front of us, one puppy sat down and had a good luck at me, the other ran off, jumped on the daddy dog and swung off his neck.  I knew I'd found my dog (the well behaved one, not the little terror).

After checking him over properly, we told the man that was the puppy we wanted, he decided he couldn't tell them apart and went inside to find something to mark our puppy.  While he was gone we discussed whether we should leave puppy living in those conditions.  When the man came back with a roll of selotape, which he tried to wrap around puppy's middle to identify him, I decided we should just take our puppy and go.

Which was all fine.  We managed to create a bed for him from the guinea pigs travel box and an old fleece blanket, and hubby rushed out to get some puppy essentials.  It was only once I was in bed I was struck by "oh my god, what have I done" panic, which kept me up most the night.  But so far it looks like I didn't have anything to panic about.  He's a lovely little puppy, very cuddly, responds well to training, he even sleeps through the night and keeps his bed clean and dry!  So that's the story of how Merlin came to join our family.  Technically we bought him, but I think we rescued him.  And this blog has a Merlin/wizard theme in his honour.

But before we can admire all the wizardy goodness, I need to give you the answer to Friday's Guess the Theme.  The theme was Super Mario - Princess Daisy, Yoshi (dinosaur), fire flower (power up), Donkey Kong (gorilla), Toad, Princess Peach, plumber, racoon suit power up, Tatanga (alien) and Koopa (tutrle).

Children's Door Sign by CraftyPumpkin
£21 (+ £2.30 p&p)
Handpainted in Acrylics on Canvas Board. Ideal for a childs bedroom.  10 x 12 " (25.4 x 30cm) approx 

El Beardito by pygmycloud
£18 (+ £2.50 p&p)
This little beardy man named El Beardito resides in the mountains. He lives in a little cosy cave where he hibernates in winter. He has wings, though he can't fly, he uses them to glide along the mountain tops, quite like a chicken.   El Beardito's front is made out of 100% wool felt and a synthetic mix felt for the back with a painted canvas face and is hand stitched.  Measurements: 19cm x 12.5cm 

Merlin/Arthur Ring by TheNerdyFekt
£2.30 (+ £2.20 p&p)
Merthur ring.  Perfect for any BBC Merlin or Merthur fans.  Measures: 5.3cm around ones finger.

Merlin Purple Miniature Houses by Haustorium
£10 (+ £3.95 p&p)
Standing around two inches tall, these miniature houses are crafted from salt dough. The rooves are hand painted in toning shades of purple and lilac, with unique roof and window designs drawn on in black ink.  They're all protected with a clear spray varnish to bring out the colours and prevent the designs from smudging. So while the colors are glossy, the dough surface still feels natural.

Merlin's Owl and The Moon Print by MythWeaver
£9.84 (+ £2.87 p&p)
Merlin's Owl and the moon is a signed un-matted print from an original painting by Ruthie.  Print Size – 8” x 10”/ A4.  Printed on Hahnemuhle Photo Rag acid-free paper, using Chromalife inks, guaranteed for 200 years.

Needle Felted Wizard and Fire by Knittynudo
£19.69 (+ £3.28 p&p)
This handcrafted needle felted sculpture comes in two parts. The first is the wizard himself. Sometimes know as Merlin, sometimes as Emrys, he has many names. He is most definitely a wanderer. He stands at 7 cm tall and is completely free standing. The second part is his posable campfire, also needlefelted from wool. The flame stands at approximatelt 10.5 cm tall.

Merlin Etched Silver and Turquoise Ring by ArdentArgent
£31 (+ £3.50 p&p)
Silver ring! With a swirly magic and wave inspired pattern etched on the outside and the inside reads 'MERLIN' and has a gorgeously coloured turquoise set on it.  The band is 1.3mm thick and 4mm high the stone is 5mm in diameter.

Small Wizard Pengie by yourpengies
£4.27 (+ £2.30 p&p)
This magical Pengie can be all yours, in any colour you desire.

The Sword in The Stone Bronze Earrings by petalgifts
£4 (+ £1.75 p&p)
Lead & nickel free.  Part of the Fairy Tale Collection: Romantic and symbolic pieces, available in silver-plated and bronze-plated finishes, which evoke the sensibilities of well-loved fables...

Needle Felted Wizard Riding a Sheep by softnwoolly
£35 (+ £3.50 p&p) 
This needlefelted sculpture is made using merino wool, masham wool, wenslydale wool and jacob wool to needle felt this unique creation.  The sculpture is 19cm tall, 11cm deep and 11cm wide.


  1. Aaaw. Cellotape around the middle! :oO You did rescue him!
    I had a cat called Merlin once, but the name didn't really suit him. Turned rather fat and lazy and not the brightest bulb, but so very cuddly.
    Love the finds!

  2. One very lucky pup! I am sure he will give you all many years of love & happiness. He definitely looks cute enough to hug and I'm still jealous.

  3. He's gorgeous!! You're very lucky and he is lucky to have found you!!!
    I love the name and such a wonerful idea for a theme to welcome him home....

  4. Waht a little cutie!! Thank you fro featuring my Merlins owl here. x