Friday, 17 August 2012

Guess The Theme 16

Writing an introduction for Guess The Theme is always difficult because I usually use the introduction to explain how I got the idea for that day's post.  I supposed I could do that with Guess The Theme but it would take a bit of the fun out of the quiz.

It's especially difficult this week as, between the puppy and my little boy, my life entirely revolves around poo.  It seems to be when I'm not toilet training, I'm changing a nappy.  Glamorous, I know.  As those of you who follow me on Twitter (hello!) may know, I've been getting stressed with the toilet training this week.  The problem is Merlin hates the rain, so at the first sign of bad weather he stops going in the garden and starts going on the carpet.  On Wednesday I decided I wasn't having that, so all day I watched him like a hawk and at the first sign of a squat I'd scoop him up and rush him out to the garden, where he'd sniff about a bit and then look at me as though to say 'what do you want from me?!'  After 8.5 hours the deadlock was broken by Merlin sneaking away and pooing on the hall carpet.  So I guess he won that battle of wills...  I was much more relaxed about things yesterday and, you know what?  Apart from one accident he was a little angel all day.  I think there must be a moral in there somewhere.  Something about not trying too hard perhaps...

Don't forget, if you'd like to share your guess , or you have anything else you'd like to say, you can comment here, on the Buy Handmade British facebook page or on Twitter (@cutekidsclocks).

Boris The Badger Necklace by TheGladSix
£7 (+ £1.60 p&p)
Part of The Glad Six Woodland Collection.
Boris the Badger sits at 5cm tall.
Polymer clay, silver chain, spring ring clasp
Can have waxed cord for the necklace instead of the chain

Siamese Tomcat by ElinAmanda
£75 (+ £3 p&p)
Welcome Cecil the Siamese cat to the family. He is never happy, and will spend most of his time sat in a corner sulking or giving you that well-known look of disapproval. Cecil would be a great gift to someone who just seem to be that little bit too cheerful, and could do with being brought down back to earth. He would also be great if you are the sort of person who could do with some encouragement to always do better - because Cecil will never be happy with what you are doing now!  Cecil is made from 100% acrylic. He is stuffed with synthetic pillow stuffing.  He is about 40cm high. 

'Chilli con Hornet' Fascinator by ElleSantos
£52.18 (+ £4.24 p&p)
This fascinator is inspired by Elle's love for hot things and nature.  Handmade round sinamay base in black, this piece measures approx. 14cm in diameter and secures to the hair with a black comb.  This piece is fully made and ready to ship. 

Fortress - Sterling Silver and Jasper Pendant by gemheaven
£82 (+ £6 p&p)
A beautiful Imperial Jasper cabochon ~ in fabulous pinky tones is set in sterling silver and fine silver with one of my favourite styles of chain hung through the tube bail. The stone setting is surrounded with a sterling silver wall ~ like a fortress protecting the stone.  Oxidised and handpolished

Lancaster II Silk Rose Wall Hanging by SilkenStitch
£49.95 (+ £3 p&p)
Stained glass art-nouveau inspired Red Rose of Lancaster. This wall-hanging is made from dupion silk.  It measures 15 inches / 38cm square. It has a velvet loop for hanging and is held rigid by an internal wooden dowling.

Mohican Mustang Peyote Stitch Beading Pattern by FDEkszer
£4.24 (PDF sent by email) 
A Bracelet pattern made with two-drop odd peyote stitch using 11/0 Miyuki delica cylinder beads. It has 2910 beads in 4 different colors.
Width 4cm/1.6" (30 columns)
Length 17.1cm/6.7" (97 rows)

Four Mosquito Repellent Citronella Candles by hedgewitchesgarden
£9.13 (+ £3.07 p&p)
Banish the mozzies! This natural soy wax candle melt is packed full of essential oils of citronella, lemongrass, rosemary and dried catmint.

Thunder and Lightning Slouch Sweater by bonbiforest
£24.50 (+ £2.95 p&p)
A super cute sweater with a thunderous patterned cloud and lightning bolts!! It also bears the intriguing phrase 'It came howling on the wind'...  Hand printed in pale yellow and black onto a very soft sweatshop free and lightweight tri-blend (cotton, polyester, rayon) sweater, with a flattering neckline and loose drape fit, 6.5cm cuffs and waistband.  Currently available in womens sizes small, medium and large.

Vulcan Salute Bracelet by ACORNandTHIMBLE
£8.95 (+ £3 p&p)
This is an extremely gorgeous hand stamped bracelet. Inspired by Star Trek, 'Live Long and Prosper' has been hand stamped in black on medium thickness aluminium. This bracelet is unique to itself, so the one you may receive may differ ever so slightly.

Wilbur The Warthog by ZooKshop
£15.99 (+ £3.50 p&p)
A cute little piece that can't fail to spark conversation! Super-slick and glossy dark green-gold enamelled warthog trophy in matte and gloss neon surround, all in a smart black frame. This kitsch and quirky item is waiting for you to snap him up!  The box frame measures just under 5x5 inches and is about an inch deep.

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