Monday, 27 August 2012

Extreme Blogging

Ok, so there's not really anything extreme about my blogging practises other than today's blog theme.  This weekend I whittled a large crochet hook from a bit of an old wardrobe and then spent the next couple of days experimenting with extreme crochet.  I eventually ended up with this ear flap hat made with 3 strands of DK wool.  You can't tell it's made with 3 different colours of wool on the picture so you'll just have to take my word for it.  And I thought it might be fun to see what other extreme goings-on I could find on Etsy (leaving out anything too rude/fetishy, as usual).

Before we start I must say congratulations to my mother-in-law, Patricia, for correctly guessing that Friday's theme was UK shipping zones (or the shipping forecast, as I was thinking of it...).  Hubby also got it right, so I think Shetlanders had an unfair advantage with that one.

Black Gothic Nails by Lhouraii
£15 (+ £3 p&p)
Simple, black gothic nails. The ring finger is silver, glittery and has 3 black roses on.  Included are 10 nails:
Thumb: 15mm
Finger 1: 11mm
Finger 2: 13mm
Finger 3: 12mm
Finger 4: 9mm

Extra Large Knitting Needles by CutletCountryCrafts
£13 (+ £3 p&p)
These needles are extra large 600mm X 24mm.  These are used to 'Extreme Knit' using between 2 - 200 yarns at once to create your own unique item.  The most popular knitted item on these needles are rugs, blankets, cushion covers, bags, but the list is as endless as your imagination.

Ice Cream Time Mega Yarn by OutwardImages
£68 (+ £5.60 p&p)
Mega yarn for use on 19mm and above knitting needles & crochet hooks. Can't resist a taste of ice-cream, can you? These colours reminded me very much of childhood and running up to the ice cream van in summer with eager anticipation. This skein weighs about 825g and has an approx length of 65.5m. 

Extreme Knitted Rag Rug by DesignsByGill
£175 (+ free delivery)
This rug measures 24" by 36" and has a boxpattern worked into it.  It has a striped pattern worked in dark green with a light green centre section.  It is a wool mix designed to be hard wearing.  Full care instructions included.

'Festival Fields Forever' Seamless Felted Tie Dye Hat by Innerspiral
£74 (+ £5.60 p&p)
Seamlessly felted merino wool and then beautifully hand dyed in our own custom tie dye shades of jade, green and blue. Finished with a purple band and one of our own hand tooled wood buttons from from a rescued branch of a plum tree, finished in natural wax. 

Handmade Dressed Sleepy Sock Doll by ToobsnPurds
£12.99 (+ £2.99 p&p)
Here we have a beautiful handmade sock doll, with carefully embroidered features - closed eyes and a big yawn! The hair is hand stitched, as are the pyjamas.  The pj's are fully removeable too! They fasten with poppers hidden underneath the buttons.  Made from polyester cotton, and stuffes with washable polyester, this doll is just made to be loved, cuddled and hugged. And because it's made from poly cotton, and stuffed with poly, it is washable.

Tea Cosy with Subtle Stripes and Extreme Warmth by Cosies
£22 (+ £2.50 p&p)
Stripy moss stich in mauve, pink, brown and green soft Alpa wool, fully lined with green moss double knitting.  This one has an old-fashioned feel and appeal, being delicate but very thick to touch.  Fits a six-cup round teapot.  Wash carefully in luke warm water. 

T-Rex Extreme Gardening A6 Postcard by JurassicPanda
70p (+ 80p p&p)
Ever wanted to send a cheery little note to a friend but could never find any stationery to show off how truly brilliant and awesome you are? Well look no more!!! Here we have a fantastic A6 postcard featuring everyones FAVOURITE Pre-Historic Dinosaur T-Rex and everyone's favourite mammal the Giant Panda!!! One thing that people don't realise about the T-Rex is that they are not only keen horticulturists but that their height and vestigial arms makes them PERFECT for handling a plethora of gardening equipment!

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