Wednesday, 18 July 2012

The Ties That Bind

Last night I dreamed I was drinking whiskey and I appear to have woken up with the hangover :-(  Despite that, there's much excitement here this morning, as my blog counter sailed past the 15,000 mark while I was asleep!  It could be 15,000 people who visit the blog once and never come back ever again, but I like to think it's a small group of people who keep coming back day after day so a HUGE thank you to all my repeat readers.  And an even HUGER thank you to anyone who's spread the word.  I also hit another landmark yesterday (because these things seem to all happen at the same time) - I got added to my 100th circle on Etsy.  To celebrate I'm offering 15% off everything in my shop with offer code CIRCLE100.  I don't really understand Etsy circles so I've never circled anyone, but I'm very flattered that 100 people chose to circle me.

I usually get up at 6.30am because that's what time Hubby gets up for work. But this morning Hubby's not going to work, he's had to take the day off to look after our poorly little boy (who is probably the real reason for my headache, not the dream whiskey) while I'm at the hospital (getting discharged by the endocrinologist, fingers crossed).  But I was up at 6.30 anyway, just to write my blog.  I'm slowly turning into a real blogger...  And what was I doing so early this morning?  Researching handmade ties, of course!

Women's Oversized Black Satin Bow Tie with Sequins by siobhancallaghan
£15.99 (+ £3 p&p)
This accessory can be worn with any collared shirt.  Very on trend at the moment
125cm x 4.5cm
Could Also be worn as a headband 

3-Way Crochet Neck Tie with Passion Flower Corsage
£10 (+ £2.70 p&p)
Hand crocheted ladies neck tie style necklace, with matching passion flower corsage.  Made from light blue 100% pure Scottish Lambswool.  Can be worn 3 different ways - as a conventional neck tie, with the corsage or simply wrapped back on itself. The corsage can also be worn seperately (it has a brooch pin attached to the back).  The tie itself measures 114cm long x 7cm wide (at the widest point) and 2 1/2 cm wide at the thin end.  The corsage measures 8 1/2 cm across.

Denim Frill Collar by QuaintrelleAnarchist
£12 (+ £2.50 p&p)
A collar you can add to any top, t-shirt or jumper to make it extra cute! It has a pink bow, white lace frill and closes with a little yellow rabbit button you loop white elastic over. The collar is lined in white cotton with tiny blue dots on. Perfect for fairy-kei styles! 

Womens Red Plaid Neck Tie by highsocietycyclops
£7.89 (+ £1.97 p&p)
Lovely ladies neck tie made with red, navy and white plaid polyester cotton and finished with a pearl snap. Perfect to wear with peter pan collars.
Total Length = 28.5 inches
Length Between Snaps = 19 inches

Sex Pistols Set List Screenprint Neck Tie by ThePirates 
£5 (+ £1.50 p&p)
Hand Screenprinted Tie with Sex Pistols 'Set List' Print.  Print is in pink ink, on a blue and red tie.  A smart gift or PUNK addition to any suit!  Text reads:
Sub Mission
Anarchy In The UK
I Wanna Be Me
No Feelings
Pretty Vacan

Silk Dupion Cravat by madebypeggy
£28.50 (+ £3.70 p&p)
A new handmade 100% pure silk dupion self tie cravat in a colour of your choice.  Dimensions of the cravat are:
141cm (55") approx from tip to tip
15.5cm (6") approx at the widest point
These are lovely cravats for comfortable daytime wear for those who prefer a longer length or as evening wear to add a touch of class to any formal outfit. They are also wonderful for any groom as part of a wedding outfit.
Knit Skinny Necktie in Tobacco Tweed Brown Lambswool by vKnit
£27 (+ £3.20 p&p)
Gentlemen’s seamless skinny tie.  Finely knitted and hand felted in 100% lambswool.  Wonderfully soft, this tie is luxurious and smart.  The perfect alternative to a traditional silk tie and makes a great gift.  One end invisibly decreases and tucks into a vKnit label on the back.  Plain Tobacco Tweed colourway.

Unisex Rainbow Fleece Necktie by DesignRoomLondon
£4.99 (+ £1.50 p&p)
Fleece is a fabric that is made of re-cycled materials so is pretty cool for those searching for a green footprint! This fun tie accessories can be folded and adjusted to style to taste. Can make a fun gift idea, unisex in style it is suitable for children and adults alike. Try styling over a T-Shirt with jeans or over a jumper!  This is not a traditional tie, it is a fun novelty tie for men, boys, women and girls alike, it measures approx. 129 cm in length.

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