Tuesday, 3 July 2012

New Shops For June

Yes, I do know it's July but I realised yesterday I hadn't done a New Shops post for June so I'm doing it now, a few days late.  As usual, I urge you to click on a few links and have a look at what these new Etsy members are up to.

Before I start I have a couple of non-crafty links I want to share.  The first is for Jon and Ali Review films.  They're a lovely couple and massive films buffs, and they've just started a blog reviewing one film every week.  It's well worth a look.

The second link is only for people with touchscreen android devices (sorry rest of the world!) and it's for Plouik - a free drawing app available from google play, appslib and a bunch of other places.  It seems a little complicated when you first see it but once you've read the user guide on the Pouf Pouf Productions website, it's actually really easy to get the hang of and you can create lots of effects with it.  It's probably the reason I didn't get very much done yesterday.

But before you go looking at those links we have the very important business of the new Etsy shops...

Hand Knitted Retro 50s Style Ascot Keyhole Bow Scarf by Knittingtopia
£12.50 (+ £2.30 p&p)
Hand knitted in lilac with spots of lavender, this yarn colour is aptly called 'sparkling grape'. A retro 50's style scarf that is so versatile. This clever design has a 'slot' where you simply thread one end through to keep it secure. No more struggling to keep your scarf on in windy conditions. The 'knot' can be worn to either one side or to the front. Due to the stretchy nature, it can even be worn as a headscarf/headband/earwarmer to keep ears warm or hair in place. You will wonder how you ever managed without the ascot!

Autumn Fall Tote Bag by TheGardenOfSasha
£3 (+ £1.99 p&p)
Autumn fall tote bag in mink and white. Ideal for shopping, music books, work and school. 

Caterpillar Memo/Photo Holder by ClaresClayCreations
£3.50 (+ £1 p&p)
It's only small but it holds a full size photo without any problems, this polymer clay apple and caterpillar memo/photo holder is completely handcrafted by Clare Lynock and makes an ideal gift for any age.  If you want a different colour caterpillar just say, and if you want a green apple, again, just say.

Floral Headdress by IndiaandWillow
£15 (+ £4 p&p)
Hand made lilac and green tone headress , all on a adjustable wire band.  Perfect for festivals and weddings or any other occasions that you find fit.  You can also request these in different colours or flowers and sizings

Super Soft Ghibli Totoro Handstitched Blanket by WeezLovesYou
£35 (+ £2.50 p&p)
This blanket is a light cream, super cozy soft polyester, and the details are all hand sewn on in soft polar fleece.  It features all 3 totoros and the corners feature groups of super cute susuwatari and leaves with toadstools.  It's also really big! It measures 48 X 64 inches. 

Kawasaki Rose Hair Grip by PaperMagicians
£3 (+ 90p p&p)
A set of two cute hair grips decorated with origami kawasaki roses and a centre of gems. The roses are made from a 5x5cm square of coloured origami paper with the gems attached in the centre and then carefully hand-folded into this traditional design of a rose. They are coated with water-proof spray varnish which hardens the paper and creates a sturdy product for everyday use.
Length of hair grip: 4.5cm (1.75 inches)
Diameter pf rose: ~1cm (0.5 inch)

Liquorice Trix Bracelet by LizzleTrix
£5 (+ 70p p&p)
A mixture of Liquorice AllSorts
One size fits all.
2nd Class Delivery Royal Mail 

Little Girl's Bag With Amy Butler "Sari Blooms" Fabric by ClementinesThreads
£7.50 (+ free delivery)
The bag is 16cm tall by 13cm wide and is made from 100% cotton in beautiful pink, yellow, turquoise and green Amy Butler fabric.  It is lined in coordinating cotton fabric in the same fabric as the strap. The strap hangs 25cm from the bag to fit perfectly over any little girls shoulder.   It would be perfect for storing hair clips, small dolls, or anything else a little girl might want to have in her handbag.

The Owl and The Pussy Cat Unframed Print by JKIllustration
£30 (+ £5 p&p)
Limited edition of 250, unframed A4 print. Signed by artist and supplied with white mount. Supplied with cellophane wrap and hard protective backing. 

Wooden Trinket Box by PyroArtBySdew
£5 (+ £3 p&p)
Oval shaped pyrographed box measures approx 8x5x5cm. 

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  1. A Fab collection of items :-) Elaine-xxx-

  2. Thank you so much for featuring my ascot scarf.

    Lovely blog of which i am now a follower!

    Carol xx