Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Let's Do Lunch

Good morning!  I'm going to try something new today, so please join in....  It's a little depressing when I try out new ideas and no one plays along.  When you've read today's blog, I want you to vote for your favourite item.  You can vote by leaving a comment here, tweeting me @cutekidsclocks or voting on facebook.  At 7pm (UK time), I'll count up all the votes and the winning item will get a feature on the Buy Handmade British facebook page.  In the case of a draw, I'll choose the winner.

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And now to today.  I hope you're not hungry because today's blog is all about lunches.  When I was a little girl going to school in Oldham your lunch was a little chocolate biscuit (usually a kitkat, blue riband or breakaway) that you took to school for a snack at breaktime.  Does that make me sound really old?!?  I was born in the 80s so it wasn't THAT long ago...  Anyway, this blog is about the meal lunch, but it's obviously at someone else's house because it involves lovely handmade goodies and not picking cheese out of the rug.  One day I'll learn not to give grated cheese to a toddler.

Apple and Banana Jacket Set by threemagicsheep
£6.54 (+ 98p p&p)
This pretty set of apple and matching banana jacket has been made in green and yellow acrylic yarn.  They will keep your fruit clean and free from bruises while its in your lunch bag.  As well as keeping it clean and free from bruises. It is perfect for making fruit a bit more appealing to fussy children!  Also makes a brilliantly unique present for a teacher!

Reusable Cotton Sandwich Wrap by handmadebylittleme
£4.50 (+ £1.20 p&p)
Cotton fabric reusable ecofriendly sandwich wrap. Perfect for both children and grown ups as fabric is bright, fun and cheerful. Also doubles as placemat. This sandwich wrap is the same both sides just because its so much fun!  Measures 15 1/2" (39cms) wide x 15 1/2" (39cms) high. Velco used for secure fastening. Wipe with damp cloth or machine washable when required.

Small Hedgehog Lunch Bag by norabags
£15 (+ free delivery)
A small hedgehog bag with short straps.  Exterior fabric is yellow / orange, piping is pink tweed.  Details on front are leather off cuts. Cream, pink and brown in colours. Lined with lavender / lilac cotton blend, has a small inside pocket.  Size:14cm / 5.5'' across at top, 24cm / 9.5'' across at its nose, 19cm /7.5'' tall, 8cm /3'' deep, straps 29cm / 11.5''

Handmade Cream Home Sweet Home Napkins
£5 (+ £2 p&p)
These little napkins are a wonderful cream with a Home Sweet Home trim on one side and a white trim around the other three. They are 40cm x 40cm in size and are perfect for your tea parties, lunch, brunch, supper... the lot! They are cotton linen which makes them wash like a ribbon and are soft to touch.

Ladies Who Lunch Handmade Paper Gift Tags by pootlingwithpaper
£2.50 (+ free delivery)
Hand drawn, scissor cut and paper pieced genteel ladies! They are wearing tea stained paper doily collars to give them added character. They can be used a gift tags/labels or used as a hang tag on a handmade gift. They can even be given as a gift in their own right!!! Be the first to give a Ladies who Lunch gift tag! 

'Let's Have Tea' Labels by amaretto
£4.09 (+ £3.07 p&p)
Use these cute tags on so many things - gifts, wedding presents, wedding favor decorations, tea parties, bridal showers. Also great as bookmarks, place cards when tied around glasses or attached to a cake stand full of cupcakes... They have each been individually die cut, hand stamped and finished with pale blue satin ribbon. Each tag measures approx 3 inches x 2 inches (8cm x 5cm). The ribbon lengths are approx 20cm 

Pirate Party Lunch Box by belleandboo
£9 (+ £2 p&p)
These fabulous boys tin lunch boxes feature the illustration from The Pirate Party art print and a new illustration called 'The Club house' The illustrations wrap around all 4 sides and onto the top and bottom.  They definitely have a vintage vibe but are lovely and new and shiny!  Add some sunshine to your little ones lunch or let them fill it with their treasures it really is the perfect gift. Approx Dimension: 19cm x 15cm x 10cm 

Hundreds and Thousands Tray, Dishcloth and Tea Towel Set by jonnasaarinen
£32 (+ £2.80 p&p)
This bundle comes with a 52% linen and 48% cotton mix crisp white tea towel with an anchor motif, perfect for smear free glasses, hand printed sponge dishcloth that can be disposed by composting and a wooden tray made from sustainably sourced Scandinavian birch wood featuring one of my original prints.  The towel and dishcloth have been hand printed in South London with solvent & chemical free Permaset inks. 

Homemade White Bean Dip by JennysJarsAndPotions
£4.25 (+ £3.11 p&p)
A delicious dip that's similar to houmous, made with white beans, garlic and a great balance of herbs and spices to make something that's fantastic for lunch with tortilla chips or crudites, or lovely to share with family or friends. Comes in a 200ml kilner jar, safely sealed for easy transport. It will keep for two or three days more in the fridge after receipt. This product is made to order so please allow for the extra delivery time. 
Wine Carrier Made from Sails by Wightsails
£26 (+ £1 p&p)
No more struggling with plastic bags and smashed bottles. Our Wine Carriers are functional and look good as well. Perfect for the boat, the beach, a picnic, a day at the races or just for the supermarket shop - liven it up a bit!  Choose from plain or funky colour schemes or just have a plain white one. This carrier will fit four wine or champagne bottles and is built to be snug so they don't rattle around.
Hand stitched on the Isle of Wight, super quick dry, very, very light yet very strong (that’s what sails are made for), easy to clean, a totally recycled/upcycled product (other than the cotton).  Use it as a shopping bag for life as well.

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  1. Hi Jenna! Thank you very much for featuring my Ladies who Lunch gift tags. It is very kind of you. I think your website is going to be great promoting our hand crafted goods to the non-crafting community. I was born in the 1960's so we didn't have a break time snack. We just has to drink a 1/4 pint of horrid warm milk (warm because it was left in a crate in the playground)each morning!

    I like all of your hand picked items above but I think my favourite is the Home Sweet Home Napkins!

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  3. Thanks for featuring my dip today! What a great idea :) I especially love the little fruit jackets at the top.

    Jenny of Jenny's Jars and Potions