Thursday, 12 July 2012

Fun and Games

Good morning!  How is everyone today?  All happy and well, I hope.  I'm one of the many many people whose O2 phone isn't working, which wouldn't normally be an issue, but today's a busy day and I was relying on my phone to coordinate with hubby this afternoon.  Suddenly everything's gone very complicated, so fingers crossed O2 sort it out before 11am.

Today I was going to do a blog on thimbles but there aren't enough handmade thimbles on Etsy to fill a blog, so after a quick re-think I'm doing handmade games.  Now it's done I'm happy I had to change, there's some really good items in today.

English Bull Terrier Chess Set by bullterriercreations
£60 (+ £5 p&p)
A complete bullie chess set with chess board included (not shown) - entirely handmade and one of a kind.  A perfect gift for any bullie fan!  Pictures shown are for example purposes only, each chess set is made to order so feel free to request any specific details you'd like included.  100% unique

Cat and Mice Skittles by WithHugsandKisses
£26.43 (+ £3.30 p&p)
Watch your little ones delight as this mischievous cat knocks down these cheeky little mice. Skittles are handmade from brightly coloured, high quality felt, accessorized with a cute little flower or heart.  A great game for everyone. Set includes 10 mice skittles and a cat ball.  Great Fun!

Wooden Chinese Checkers Set by LARoscoeandDaughters
£27.50 (+ £5 p&p)
Hardwood (ash) Chinese Checkers set complete with rules and marbles.
There has been no compromise on quality, with the item made from a single (not jointed) piece of English ash, stained and French polished, with snooker table quality woollen baize on the underside. As an ornament it is simply exquisite, but as a game it is 100% fun. An excellent leveller for young and old alike, it can be played by 2, 3, 4 or 6 players. 

Handmade Merino Felt Travel Backgammon Board by WoolyMammoths
£39.65 (+ £3.30 p&p)
This is a felt backgammon board made with white merino wool with black, red and orange for the detail. It measures 16.5 inches long and 12.5 inches across. It has red machine felt sewn along three of the sides and it opens into a bag in which to place the dice and pieces. It also has an orange strip of felt to tie it together when rolled, making it a perfect board for travel. The pebbles were picked from the shore of a beautiful shingle beach in Suffolk. They are black and white and have a lovely weight to them which makes playing with them a pleasure. The board with pieces and dice weighs approx 280g.

Garden Sized Snakes and Ladders Crochet Pattern by RainbowValleyCrochet
£4.30 (PDF delivered by email)
This Snakes and Ladders set is designed for the garden. It is made from DK using a traditional granny square for the board. It only has 36 squares as it is aimed at smaller children but you can make it any size you want to. The playing pieces are all made with UK-dc (US-sc) with cds in the bases to give them a bit of stability.

Granny's Ludo PDF Crochet Pattern by woollythoughts
£3.97 (PDF delivered by email)
As you might guess Granny’s Ludo is basically made of crochet granny squares. It can be used as an afghan or floor game. These games are surprisingly popular with teenagers as well as with young children.

Bolero Interlocking Puzzle by microcubology
£32.38 (+ £7.27 p&p)
This is an original puzzle design by Jeff Namkung, 3D printed in tough nylon-based material and then hand dyed in a range of colours to suit the mood of the puzzle.
+++Puzzle Details+++
4 cm interlocking 4x4x4 cube with no exterior holes
5 pieces - 1 solution - no rotations
Number of steps needed to remove each piece - 8-4-2 (first to last)
Colours - Red, Black, Purple

Classic Isle of Lewis Chess Set by oggtheclever
£36.35 (+ £6.85 p&p)
This set comes with two extra queens for those of you who are lucky enough to get a pawn all the way down to the other end of the board.  The pieces are hand cast then painted, stained, lacquered and cured to give a durable high quality result yet still retaining a certain ceramic and antique finish. They also all have hand cut soft felt bottoms.  The king is 3.5 inches in height and the set would suit a standard tournament board with squares about two inches or more.

Magnetic Noughts and Crosses by TheGlassMeltz
£8 (+ £3 p&p)
Everyone loves Tic Tac Toe, so here is a unique set you can play on your refrigerator or message board!  There are five pieces of each design, each measuring 3cm square, all of which have an extra strong neodymium magnet securely affixed to the reverse. A board outline is provided to play on. The pieces are all made of high quality glass, fused together in layers with the ‘o’ or ‘x’ added on top. The cross pieces are a subtle vanilla colour, with the cross on top made of rich rustic sienna, and the ‘nought’ pieces are deep brown with vanilla and cream coloured almonds on top.

Reef Marble in Flameworked Glass by HamiltonTaylor
£27 (+ £3 p&p)
This beautiful marine reef marble is made by Sean Taylor in soft glass, and measures about 1 5/16" in diameter. Discreetly signed 'srt12' in titanium pen, leaving the marble surface undamaged, and making the signature visible only when you search for it.

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  1. Oh my, that bull terrier chess set is awesome!! Great blog here, I love that you're supporting british crafts and designers.

    xx PC