Monday, 16 July 2012

A Crash of Rhinoceroses

Morning everyone.  I'm not as full of energy and enthusiasm as I usually am for Monday morning posts.  It was a very busy weekend. 

On Saturday everybody was a bit grumpy so I decided we were a family in need of some fun.  I canceled our trip to the supermarket, worked some mummy magic to conjure up a packed lunch from the empty cupboards and we all headed off to the Cotswolds Wildlife Park.  Which is where we saw this lovely lady (well, I think it was a lady...).  My little boy in particular had a great time - splashing in muddy puddles, running around, and being more far more interested in mundane things (like pushing his pram about) than he was in the animals.  We managed a couple of hours there before he decided to sit in a puddle and take him wellies off... at which point we had no choice to but abort and return home for an enormous bowl of pasta.  So Saturday was fun, but as a result we had to do twice as much yesterday.  The shopping still needed to be done and, as it was the first dry weekend in memory, we had a lot of gardening to do.  Looking back over the weekend, the wildlife park was definitely more fun than the weeding, so I've gone with a rhino theme for the blog, rather than a dandelion theme.

But before we can crack on with that we have the small issue of Guess The Theme.  As far as I know nobody managed to work this one out - told you it was hard!  The items in Friday's blog were all clues to programming languages - Java, Basic, Assembly, Shell, Perl, C, Python and Ruby.  It's in honour of Ravelry's search for a new Web Application Developer which I think might just be my perfect job (computers and knitting!!!) but I'm no where near good enough to even consider applying.  But it has made me realise that I'd like to improve my technical skills so now I'm learning Java as well as everything else I'm already doing.  It's no wonder I'm tired!

Hippo and Rhino China Mug by astrig
£15.17 (+ £3.46 p&p)
This is a medium size bone china mug. Hand-painted by Astrig and it features rhions and hippos.  This mug measures 9cm x 8.5cm and is dishwasher safe as it has been kiln fired.

Giraffe and Rhinoceros Greetings Card by Meiying
£1.98 (+ 99p p&p)
A6 (14.85 x 10.5cm) greetings card, perfect for any occassion.  Card has been left blank for your own message and comes with a white envelope.  Professionally printed, also perfect for framing!  

Laser Cut Rhino Ring by backwardslamb
£4.29 (+ £2.11 p&p)
Here is a lovely little rhino laser cut ring. Perfect for any animal lover. The ring is cut out of 3mm acrylic plastic. The ring is available in any size and a choice of colours.

Rhino Print by RoyFisherPrints
£65 (+ £5 p&p)
A collograph relief print of an Indian Rhino in it's lush natural habitat.  The printed area is 66cm x 46cm and the paper will fit into a standard 70 x 50cm frame. There are only 8 variable editions of this print, each being unique.  

Safari Friends Ring and Knuckleduster Set by Weaselfactory
£30 (+ £3 p&p)
The set includes...
★Gendry Giraffe★
He's is made of 3 layers and about 10.5mm thick.

★Eddard Elephant★
He's made of 3 layers - ebony-stained plywood on the outside and black acrylic on the inside. With toes and tusks made of white stained plywood. He's about 10.5mm thick.
★Renly Rhino★
Made of 3 layers - ebony-stained plywood on the outside and black acrylic on the inside. He's about 10.5mm thick. 

Tiny Rhino Felt Friend by nicolaluke
£3.30 (+ £1.32 p&p)
A super cute tiny secret pet rhino to look after.

Rhino Toy Knitting Pattern PDF by Jellybum
£3.30 (PDF sent by email)
This is an original knitting pattern to make this charming Rhino.  This pattern includes 3 different bodys to make a stuffed toy, a finger puppet and an egg cosy. It also comes with 3 different leg patterns (dangle legs, rhino legs and big foot legs).  A great way for beginners to advance their knitting skills or a super quick project for more experienced knitters.

The Lenny Rhino Unique Wooden Magnet by ammadin
£2.64 (+ 82p p&p)
Lenny lives on a wooden tile measuring 1.25" with thickness of 1/8" and weighs only 3 grams!  Lenny came to life through acrylic paint and has a double coat for protection. Although his family insists on the Lenny name, each of his kin is unique and made to order. Lennys do vary for their characteristics are hand-painted.

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