Monday, 9 July 2012

Beautiful and Useful

Before we start I must congratulate Miss Beau Jangles on working out that the theme for Friday's blog was The Blue Album by The Beatles.  The first item (blue bloomers) was a clue to the album and then the other items represent songs off the album - 'While My Guitar Gently Weeps', 'Old Brown Shoe', 'Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band', 'Octopus's Garden', 'Revolution', 'Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds', 'Strawberry Fields', 'Here Comes The Sun' and 'I am the Walrus'.  And well done to everyone else who figured it out.  

My weekend didn't quite go to plan - I managed to injure my shoulder getting dressed on Saturday morning!  It's not quite as daft as it sounds, it's a recurring problem I've had with my left shoulder for the last 6 months or so, and it just happened to recur while I was reaching for my jeans.  I think I damaged my shoulder when I fell on some ice on New Years Day 2010, and it's a problem now because my son's big and heavy.  But my doctor couldn't find anything physically wrong when she poked at me so she says it's stress.  Anyway the result was I've spent the weekend resting my shoulder which for me means playing on the computer.  I think I've nearly figured out a way to create 3D figures in Blender and then open them out to make sewing patterns.  And I've also discovered 123D Make - a free program that converts 3D models into patterns so you can print them out and build your design in card.  I've designed a pen pot that I'm going to try and assemble tonight so I'll let you know how that goes.  And the shoulder's much better now, thankfully.

Today's blog is about items which are beautiful and also have a practical purpose.

The Birds and The Bees by Wudwerx
£30 (+ £6 p&p)
This set includes a Bird Box and a Bee Hotel, to help fill your garden with the wonders of nature. The bird box is made from solid wood and comes with a 28mm hole to attract the greatest range of different birds possible. 

'Festival' Mosaic Mirror by FunkyMosaicsUK
£45 (+ £12.30 p&p)
This bright, funky, mosaic mirror is sure to bring a smile to your face on even the dullest of days!  The unusual shape has been handcut and the mirror securely fixed from behind. It uses a mix of materials to add interest and texture to the piece; stained glass, vitreous glass, glass gems and elipses, millefiori, recycled glass, fused glass pieces and also a ceramic orange heart at the centre top and a sprinkling of mirror tile throughout. This would make a vibrant, unique, edition to any room, and a fantastic conversation piece. Dimensions: 480mm High x 380mm Wide approx.

Dee Dee Flat Pack Pendant Lampshade by bondandbehold
£45 (+ free delivery)
Designed and manufactured in the UK the Dee Dee lampshade is simply beautiful. The translucent green polypropylene material has been specially chosen to softly diffuse light into your room, while its elegant sculptural form is based on simple mathmatical geometry. Supplied in flat pack form, complete with easy-to follow-intstructions for quick assembly. Each of the 12 components is laser cut from partially recycled polypropylene. It's packaged in 95% recycled materials and is 100% recyclable.

Jill & Jon Drinks Crate by jillandjonfurniture
£39 (+ £5 p&p)
Jon's had his tools out and knocked together this rather nifty drinks crate for those outdoor occassions (weather permitting of course!). These crates have 2 very convenient rope handles and can fit cans, bottles, as well as a fine vintage bubbly. Dressed with bees wax and a touch of red, white and blue make these beauts a must have. Dimensions are a cute 33cm long x 24cm wide x 18cm high 

Long White Cat Keyboard and Mouse Wrist Rest by knittedlove
£39.76 (+ £1.99 p&p)
White long cat keyboard and mouse wrist cushion set. Mouse cushion makes up the head and the keyboard cushion makes up the long body with a cute tail at the end. The body measures approximately 15 inches long, and the head measures approximately 4 inches wide.

Kitsch Cuckoo-less Clock by Theoddsnsodsshop
£40.50 (+ £7.50 p&p)
This is a handmade clock, with a fully working clock mechanism which requires 1 AA battery (not included). The main 'house' part of the clock is made from foam board covered in 100% Cotton material. The cotton itself has retro style design on it and is sized at 25 x 25 x 10cm.

Linen Storage Bucket by kittykent
£21.21 (+ £1.66 p&p)
Lightly quilted fabric storage tub in Echino Fall Garden Patchwork by Kokka. Lined with natural denim with 2 contrasting handles. Sturdy construction. May be hooked up or stand on flat surface.100's of uses around the home. Soft to touch.  7" H (18cm) x 6" (15cm) Circ,  Handles 5" (13cm).  Folds down for posting so will need warm iron on delivery to revive it's shape. 

Red Tissue Box Cube with Pewter Cats by Loutul
£28 (+ £3.20 p&p)
A red tissue box cube shaped with cute pewter emboxxed cats. A different cat design is on each side. This is a complete storage box with its own removable base.  The box is manufactured from 6mm (¼") MDF. Dimensions 13cm (5") x 13cm (5") x 13cm (5").  The embossing is done by hand using only hand tools. The back of the embossed design is filled to prevent denting. It is then aged using a patina and finally polished to the silver-looking antique finish.

Moon Gazing Hare Solar Powered Lantern by GlowBox
£26.51 (+ £3.31 p&p)
In the daytime the lantern is an interesting decorative object, but at night it transforms into a magical, colour changing light show.  Placed in a sunny spot in the garden, or indoors on a sunny widow sill, the lantern will charge up via the solar panel on it's roof, in the evening the lantern automatically turns itself on and emits a sequential colour changing light of green, blue and red or can be switched to shine with a constant white only light.  The lantern is weatherproof and made to last.

Recycled Tesco Catalogue Bowl by hazelscraftlore
£25.19 (+ £2.32 p&p)
One of my best bowls yet, the colours are so bright bold and vibrant. I think this bowl would make a good decoration empty but could work just as well as a fruit bowl.  The pages used to make this bowl are from the colourful childrens section of the Tesco Catalogue.  It measures 9 inches acrossand almost 3 high (7cm). 

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  1. Lovely selections. Thanks for including my cute cats tissue box

  2. Thanks for including my lantern in your pick, interesting choices.

  3. Great! Love the bird house and the cuckooless clock
    xx PC

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