Monday, 25 June 2012

Little Things To Make You Smile.

England are out on penalties (again), Little Boy's teething (again - 12 teeth in 4 months and more coming through) and I can't think of any more reasons to avoid doing my tax return.  I'm going to need some cheering up.  So I've assembled this collection of happy little items that made me smile, hopefully they'll work on you too.  Looking on the bright side - Wimbledon starts today (hurray!), once these teeth are through (because he always gets 4 in one go) little boy will only have 4 more to come, and my tax return is going to show a small profit which is nice.

Before that we have the business of last Friday's Guess The Theme.  The theme was 'The Court of King Caractacus' by Rolf Harris.  I based all the items from the line "Now if you want to take some pictures of the fascinating witches who put the scintilating stiches in the britches of the boys who put the powder on the noses on the faces of the ladies of the harem of the court of King Catactacus..." and, hopefully, I got them in the right order.  And then there was Rolf.

Orange, Pink and Yellow Fairisle Alien Desk Worm by ButterflyLove1
£10.54 (+ £3.62 p&p)
This worm has been hand knitted using a soft man made yarn and is stuffed with hypo-allergenic polyfil. It has been created within a pet and smoke-free environment. Surface cleaning only is recommended to keep it in tip top condition. It measures approximately eight inches by four inches and is very, very cute! 

Bow Tie Oddity by LifeIsFullOfOddities
£6 (+ £2.70 p&p)
An Oddity with a touch of class. Or extra adorable factor!  An Oddity is roughly 10cm high, 6.5 cm across and 5 cm depth. The bow is 6 cm by 3.5. It is made out of felt and is hand sewn onto elastic (allowing you to position the bow tie where you would like).  Available in a choice of colours.

Little Goldfish in a Bag Bodysuit by joynevadalittleones
£10.54 (+ £1.98 p&p)
Your little one will look so cool wearing this little goldfish onesie or tee!  Original illustration is heat transferred onto 100% cotton onesie/bodysuit or tee.
Available in onesies sizes :
0-3 months
3-6 months
6-9 months
6-12 months
Also available on a t-shirt for small charge.

Octonauts Notebook Cover by juliesjumpers
£7.99 (+ £2.20 p&p)
Octonauts Peso A5 Notebook Cover.  Comes complete with A5 Hardback Ruled Notebook.  Machine Washable and easily transferable when the notebook becomes full.  Your child will love writing, practising spelling or doing their sums in this adorable little notebook.  Machine knitted in a reddish brown colour with Peso on the front.  Could be made with a different character or in a different colour. 

Red 'Magic' Box by GlassRoofBooks
£15 (+ £2.50 p&p)
Measuring approximately 21.5 cm x 7.5 cm, with a depth of 5 cm, this handmade red box is the perfect place to store trinkets or small items of jewellery.  It looks like a conventional box, but this box has a secret: the clever design allows it to open in two ways, revealing one compartment one way, and two compartments the other way.  Covered in red leather-effect fabric, the walls of the box’s inside compartments are lined with a decorative paper, depicting hearts. 

Robot Love Illustration Art Print by ickleson
£5 (+ £1 p&p)
A print of an inky illustration of a robot in love.  Printed on good quality matt stock with archival quality inks. The picture is about 7 x 5 inches and has a deep white boarder to allow for mounting and framing.

Illustrated Seagull Laser Beam Alliance Plate by BrightonCrock
£15 (+ £4.50 p&p)
The seagulls are more organised than we first thought. Humans were getting wise to the chip stealing birds so they have now resorted to using laser beams. Do not be afraid because this is Brighton Crock's little hand drawn side plate, Seagull Laser Beam Alliance. Join the S.L.B.A!  This is an original piece of artwork and each plate is hand drawn by me with porcelain ink on to a white porcelain plate. It is then heat set to increase durability. Designs may vary as each piece is hand drawn.

Space Invaders Coffee Cosy by MouthyMitts
£9.22 (+ £1.98 p&p)
This coffee cup cozy is perfect for any girly girl gamer as it's finished off with a hand-embroidered, candy pink Space Invader.  The high quality of the snuggly soft cashmere/merino yarn and of the finished product, together with the fact that you just don't see anything like this in the shops makes it a perfect all year round purchase for any coffee loving geek or nerd.  All cozies are shown on a standard 16oz cup and will fit smaller/larger sizes too.  So practical - just keep your cozy in your bag/purse/car and it'll be there whenever you need it to protect your hands while keeping your coffee hot. 

Spotty Doorstop with Knotted Handle by OneLeggedGoose
£12 (+ free delivery)
A pretty way to stop those doors from slamming. Made from 100%cotton. The fabric design is of large spots - 3.5cm wide - in primary colours of red, blue, yellow and green on a soft white background. The handle of the door stop is formed by tying two pieces of the fabric into a doulble knot.  Size - 15 x 15cms, height not including the tied handles is 12cm. There is a zip opening on the base where it can be filled from with sand or rice or beans.

Hand Embroidered Tea Cup Tea Towel by LouIllustrator
£7 (+ £1.50 p&p)
Dry your dishes in style with this little fellow adorning your kitchen!  This is a 100% handmade Tea-towel with a Gingham trim at the top and featuring a hand embroidered design of a cute little tea cup in the bottom right hand corner.  Towel measures 65cm x 44cm.  100% Cotton.

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