Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Euro 2012 - Denmark V Portugal

How are you enjoying the European Craft Championships?  Is this working?  I'm never sure when I try something new if it's going to be a success (Guess the Theme) or a dismal failure (Tutorial Tuesday).  I think it's good to do something different every once in a while.  Today we're looking at Denmark V Portugal.


Blue Twisted Scarf with Flower by SunshineHomeDesign
£10.56 (+ 6.60 p&p)
This is a scarf with a cute little needle and flower.
Made in Cotton with silver glitter.

Calla Hair Clip by SusanneNicolaisen
£19.13 (+ £3.30 p&p)
For a very stylish and simple look, use this clip in your hair. It´s undestated charm at it´s best.  Handshaped calla lillies and leafs, finished with marquise shaped rhinestones. for a touch of sparkle 

Kissing Couple Wedding Peg by HouseThatLarsBuilt
£6.76 (+ £5.94 p&p)
Clothespin wedding couple originally made for Brooklyn Bride.

6 x 1 3/4 x 1" 

Needle Felted Fox Bookmark by FeltedByRikke
£9.90 (+ £1.98 p&p)
Cute needle felted bookmark made as a fox.  The fox has small black beads as eyes.  The bookmark is a perfect gift for the person that reads a lot or as bookmark in the book you read for your children at bedtime.

Sami Lapland Reindeer Leather and Pewter Hair Clip by TjekijasDesign
£15.84 (+ £1.98 p&p)
Hair clip with Pewter Braiding on Brown Lambskin debossed with Flowers and Leaves.
Lenght: app. 10 cm. Width: app. 1,4 cm.


Green Quilted Bib by fatimaalmeida
£3.73 (+ £1.41 p&p)
This bib is perfect for baby boys. Handmade with high-quality, 100% cotton fabrics, the bib is backed in a soft flannel cloth, perfect to wipe baby's face after eating and has another layer of flannel in the middle (3 layers total!). It closes with Velcro.  Approximate measurement: 8" X 10".

Pink Pasley Clutch by SofiAlgarvia
£9.96 (+ £2.49 p&p)
Approx. size 8 3/4"(w) x 4 3/4"(h) (22cm larg x 12 cm alt).  Lined and padded for structure, stability and durability. Made from charming cherry blossom pink fabric, with a paisley print pattern for the exterior fabric, and a cerise pink solid cotton fabric for the lining.

Red Cat with Yellow Bird Pin or Magnet by Coloraudia
£6.60 (+ £2.47 p&p)
Little red cat has a new friend, a little yellow chick, and they like to enjoy the sun together dozing and dreaming away hapilly!  Made from fimo polymer clay, measures 5 X 3,5 cm. It can be a pin or a magnet, just let the seller know which one you choose.

Set of 8 Crochet Owls by mariamanuel
£6.93 (+ £1.98 p&p)
Beautiflul Crochet Owls
*Use to scarf, blanket,keychain or others
*Size: 4.5 x 3.5 cm
100% Quality cotton!

Travel Purse Journal Planters Kit by microbio
£16.60 (+ £4.98 p&p)
This one-of-a-kind purse, journal and "planters" kit will certainly please you -travel lover or a friend! It holds passport, boarding passes or A4 sheets folded, cell phone (yes, its iphone +friendly+!), wallet…Made with “fabric-paper” on the outside which looks like paper *but* unlike paper it can be cleaned using a clean cloth and plain water. This purse is made in Eco Green colored Fabric Paper and has a brass tongue clasp lock and a convenient wrist strap made of the same Fabric Paper. This strap is actually retractable so you can use it outside or inside the purse -you just need to bend it inside when you don't need it.

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