Thursday, 28 June 2012

Deranged Ferrets!

Before I start I have to say a huge thank you to everyone who messaged me yesterday.  It was good to hear from other people who are raising children far from their family and friends.  It was also a good reminder that I might not be out physically meeting and talking to people, but everyday I'm in contact with lots of really lovely people through this blog.  And every time I get a message from someone saying "you made my day" or "I got my first sale thanks to your blog" I know this is better than a proper job because I get to make complete strangers smile.  And that's better than earning lots of money.

Yesterday, after 6 years, my laptop died.  Well, it actually flashed up a warning saying it's going to die imminently and to back up my files, which I thought was very nice of it.  Instead of getting another laptop I've claimed Hubby's old computer (known as 'the linux box') and I'm going to buy it some new innards to bring it up to date.  But don't worry, I have a little netbook so the blog will continue as normal.

Which brings us nicely to today's post, which is about ferrets (and a stoat, but it looks a lot like a ferret).  I want a ferret, I just need to talk Hubby round...  I couldn't think of any pop culture references for the post title, so I went with a football (Lincoln City FC) reference instead.

ACEO Art Card Girl & Ferret Portrait by HarrietsImagination
£3.96 (+ 73p p&p)
ACEO Art Card Girl & Ferret Portrait
Two Of A Kind
Digital Painting /mixed media ACEO Art Card
Size available (2.5" x 3.5")
This will then be placed on card to create a sturdy trading card then placed in protective plastic sleeve for safety.

Animal A Day - Ferret by AnAnimalADay
£36.50 (+ free delivery)
Merlene Anker has embarked upon a mission to sew an animal a day for 365 days. Once completed, each animal will be sold, and 20% of my profits will be donated to selected charities for children and animals.This ferret is from day 14.

Double Hammock for Small Ferrets by piggiesandmore
£10 (+ £2.30 p&p)
Your ferrets or rats will love snuggling up in this double hammock.  The top measures 10 1/2 inches square (approx), the bottom is 15 1/2 inches (approx).  Its made with 1 layer of turquoise allsorts print cotton and 2 layers of turquoise and white spotty fleece, it's quilted all over for comfort and to discourage burrowing, it comes supplied with hammock hooks and split rings to attach it to any cage.

Meerkat PDF Knitting Pattern by BunnyFriends
£2.63 (PDF sent by email)
Knitting pattern for a cute ferret.  This is a knitting pattern which will be emailed to your Etsy email address within 24 hours.  This pattern uses european DK yarn or substitute for USA worsted.  SIZE approx (10”) from toes to ears.  NO tension/guage required.

Hand Knitted Ferret Jumper by wagwonderwear
£6.60 (+ free delivery)
Made to fit these gorgeous little criiters with up to an 8 inch/ 20cm chest (behind front legs) and comes in a full length of 25cms/10inch including a lovley ribbed, cosy neck. These button underneath.

9 Inch Lilac Cuddle Cup by TheRelaxedRat
£8 (+ £3 p&p)
A lovely and soft heart-printed brushed cotton (flannelette) lined with lilac fleece.  9" in diameter and lined with 2 layers of batting for extra snuggliness. Made with low sides with oldies in mind.

Ferret Lover's Pawprint Ribbon Bookmark by dragonratjewellery
£6.59 (+ £2.15 p&p)
This creamy 10mm ribbon bookmark has a paw-print motif, and features a pewter ferret charm at one end and a heart charm at the other. It is approximately 15" long before charms, and will work in most books, even the large hardbacks.

Roger The Stoat Brooch by JessJessJewellery
£5.50 (+ £2.50 p&p)
Roger is exceptionally sneaky and very slinky. He likes to know what's going on and always knows all the menagerie gossip! Laser cut brown mirror acrylic brooch with plated metal pin. Dimensions: approx 20 x 45mm

Tiny Ferret by MossMountain
£5.28 (+ £1.32 p&p)
Tiny ferret is a devious trickster--an adorable coin-snatching thief with beady little pink eyes and a cunning wit so sharp you may want to keep a close watch on all your valuables. He tends to hang out with tiny fox a lot, and one has to wonder if they are in cahoots. But he's too cute to resist cuddling despite his cat burglar tendencies. 

Winston the Needle Felted Ferret by tollykit
£42.90 (+ £1.98 p&p)
Winston is a needlefelted creation over a wire skeleton. He is made from hand dyed mohair with natural mohair paws and ears. His eyes are onyx beads and his mouth is black embroidery cotton. Winston also has golden wire whiskers. He stands approximately 7 inches tall.


  1. Really cute collection you have here. Love the knitted one.

    And thanks for including Winston. :)

  2. Working from home can be very lonely; the reason I started Dragonrat as a business was due to my health problems, and I've since become agoraphobic, so I can sympathise. Facebook has, for me, been a massive help, not only for advertising, but for company throughout the day.

    My other 'help' has been my animals. I have a lunatic Cocker spaniel, and fourteen rats (and an honorary rat; the gerbil), and they keep me sane(ish). The rats would adore that lovely hammock you've featured here. Thank you for including my bookmark. I've yet to talk my other half into ferrets, but the time will come. Mwah hah hah.

  3. Hey, guess what? You've just been nominated for the Liebster Award. Nip over to With U in Mind for the post :)