Friday, 29 June 2012

Guess The Theme 9

Good morning all!  It's Friday again - hurray!!!  I'm particularly excited today because I have absolutely nothing planned for the weekend.  We'll probably end up doing jobs around the house but it's still nice to have 2 whole days where you don't have to do anything (exept the usual cooking, cleaning, being mummy duties...).

I'm supposed to be working on the Cute Kids Clocks website but it's mostly boring html stuff that needs doing so I've been giving shout outs to my twitter followers to alleviate the boredom.  So if you want a plug on twitter follow me @cutekidsclocks.

And now to Guess the Theme.  I'm sure you know how this works by now - 10 gorgeous handmade goodies all connected by a theme.  It's just for fun but if you want to share your guess you can on the Buy Handmade British facebook page.  I think it's quite easy this week, but one of the items is a bit misleading, so watch out!

Eagle Card Sleeve by DeeHewitt
£8 (+ £2 p&p)
The exterior of this beautiful card sleeve is made from blue leather with an applique eagle in sparkling silver leather. The inside is lined with brown suede. The pass case measures: 7cm (2.8'') by 10cm (3.9'') 

Kids Froggie Shopping Bag by madebyemelye
£19.87 (+ £1.99 p&p)
A great little shopping bag for an eco-friendly child. This bag was made from two old shirts and some remnant fabrics. The pocket of one of the shirts is now the front pocket on the bag! Can be used to take to the corner shop, store pens and pencils or even moshi monsters! The bag measures 7 inc (18cm) wide x 10.5 inc (26.5 cm) long (not including strap), approx. 17 inc (43cm) long with strap. 

Little Chef Character Illustration Print by keneka
£6.62 (+ £1.32 p&p)
Original 'Little Chef' print.  The print measure 9 x 6 inches (approx 23 x 15 cm).  Printed on Fujicolor Crystal Archive paper (gloss)

Mad Scientist Lego Man Necklace by Swank
£13 (+ £1.50 p&p)
Does exaxtly what it says on the tin!
20" silver plated chain 

Black Bear Polymer Clay Figurine by BeaKez
£8 (+ £1.75 p&p)
This little black bear is made of polymer clay and measures 27mm from rump to snout and 15mm in height. It comes gift wrapped and is one of a kind.

Pig Mug by agatka
£11.92 (+ £5.30 p&p)
White ceramic mug handpainted with ceramic paints and baked in the oven.  The mug holds 300 mls (about 11oz) of liquid, measures approx. 3 1/2 inches in diameter and is approx. 3 inches deep.

Dachshund Rubber Stamp by skullandcrossbuns
£5.50 (+ £2.75 p&p)
A very popular theme currently in the world of crafting and you can tell why! Complete with little collar detail, he looks like he's having a nap or does he just have an air of superiority?! The stamped image measure approx. 4.3cm x 2.3cm (or 1 11/16” x 7/8”). The stamp will come mounted on a wooden block for ease of stamping.

The Band Russian Dolls by Ratdoodle
£50 (+ £5 p&p)
Hand painted Russian doll Rock Band consisting of 5 dolls.  The biggest doll is approx. 6 inches tall.  The smallest doll is approx. 1 inch tall. 

Repurposed Sweater Stuffed Rat by karolinabinczyk
£15 (+ £4 p&p)
This rat is made from wool sweater using other fabrics for the details.  His nose, ears and the spot under his eye are crocheted.  This funny rat is 12 inches long plus 13 inches tail and 2 inches fat.  Great for playing or for decorating, or for giving a gift to someone you love so much.
Neon Yellow Fox 'Whatever' Card by stitchink
£3.50 (+ £1 p&p)
A handmade white A6 card, blank inside, with an envelope.  Spray painted neon yellow by hand with printed and die cut stitch-ink characters and speech bubbles mounted on top so each little image is raised above the card.

Thursday, 28 June 2012

Deranged Ferrets!

Before I start I have to say a huge thank you to everyone who messaged me yesterday.  It was good to hear from other people who are raising children far from their family and friends.  It was also a good reminder that I might not be out physically meeting and talking to people, but everyday I'm in contact with lots of really lovely people through this blog.  And every time I get a message from someone saying "you made my day" or "I got my first sale thanks to your blog" I know this is better than a proper job because I get to make complete strangers smile.  And that's better than earning lots of money.

Yesterday, after 6 years, my laptop died.  Well, it actually flashed up a warning saying it's going to die imminently and to back up my files, which I thought was very nice of it.  Instead of getting another laptop I've claimed Hubby's old computer (known as 'the linux box') and I'm going to buy it some new innards to bring it up to date.  But don't worry, I have a little netbook so the blog will continue as normal.

Which brings us nicely to today's post, which is about ferrets (and a stoat, but it looks a lot like a ferret).  I want a ferret, I just need to talk Hubby round...  I couldn't think of any pop culture references for the post title, so I went with a football (Lincoln City FC) reference instead.

ACEO Art Card Girl & Ferret Portrait by HarrietsImagination
£3.96 (+ 73p p&p)
ACEO Art Card Girl & Ferret Portrait
Two Of A Kind
Digital Painting /mixed media ACEO Art Card
Size available (2.5" x 3.5")
This will then be placed on card to create a sturdy trading card then placed in protective plastic sleeve for safety.

Animal A Day - Ferret by AnAnimalADay
£36.50 (+ free delivery)
Merlene Anker has embarked upon a mission to sew an animal a day for 365 days. Once completed, each animal will be sold, and 20% of my profits will be donated to selected charities for children and animals.This ferret is from day 14.

Double Hammock for Small Ferrets by piggiesandmore
£10 (+ £2.30 p&p)
Your ferrets or rats will love snuggling up in this double hammock.  The top measures 10 1/2 inches square (approx), the bottom is 15 1/2 inches (approx).  Its made with 1 layer of turquoise allsorts print cotton and 2 layers of turquoise and white spotty fleece, it's quilted all over for comfort and to discourage burrowing, it comes supplied with hammock hooks and split rings to attach it to any cage.

Meerkat PDF Knitting Pattern by BunnyFriends
£2.63 (PDF sent by email)
Knitting pattern for a cute ferret.  This is a knitting pattern which will be emailed to your Etsy email address within 24 hours.  This pattern uses european DK yarn or substitute for USA worsted.  SIZE approx (10”) from toes to ears.  NO tension/guage required.

Hand Knitted Ferret Jumper by wagwonderwear
£6.60 (+ free delivery)
Made to fit these gorgeous little criiters with up to an 8 inch/ 20cm chest (behind front legs) and comes in a full length of 25cms/10inch including a lovley ribbed, cosy neck. These button underneath.

9 Inch Lilac Cuddle Cup by TheRelaxedRat
£8 (+ £3 p&p)
A lovely and soft heart-printed brushed cotton (flannelette) lined with lilac fleece.  9" in diameter and lined with 2 layers of batting for extra snuggliness. Made with low sides with oldies in mind.

Ferret Lover's Pawprint Ribbon Bookmark by dragonratjewellery
£6.59 (+ £2.15 p&p)
This creamy 10mm ribbon bookmark has a paw-print motif, and features a pewter ferret charm at one end and a heart charm at the other. It is approximately 15" long before charms, and will work in most books, even the large hardbacks.

Roger The Stoat Brooch by JessJessJewellery
£5.50 (+ £2.50 p&p)
Roger is exceptionally sneaky and very slinky. He likes to know what's going on and always knows all the menagerie gossip! Laser cut brown mirror acrylic brooch with plated metal pin. Dimensions: approx 20 x 45mm

Tiny Ferret by MossMountain
£5.28 (+ £1.32 p&p)
Tiny ferret is a devious trickster--an adorable coin-snatching thief with beady little pink eyes and a cunning wit so sharp you may want to keep a close watch on all your valuables. He tends to hang out with tiny fox a lot, and one has to wonder if they are in cahoots. But he's too cute to resist cuddling despite his cat burglar tendencies. 

Winston the Needle Felted Ferret by tollykit
£42.90 (+ £1.98 p&p)
Winston is a needlefelted creation over a wire skeleton. He is made from hand dyed mohair with natural mohair paws and ears. His eyes are onyx beads and his mouth is black embroidery cotton. Winston also has golden wire whiskers. He stands approximately 7 inches tall.

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Paint the Whole World with a Rainbow

I had a strange thought yesterday - "Maybe I should get a proper job.  One where I leave the house, see people and earn a decent amount of money."  I even looked at job vacancies in the area.  Then I looked at the fees for a local nursery (over £900 a month!) and gave up on the whole idea.  I'm having a hard time at the minute.   I do every time Little Boy's teething but I'm particuarly lonely and miserable this time.  My nearest friends and family live 3 hours drive away so there's no one I can phone and ask to come round if it all gets a bit much.  We moved here when Little Boy was 3 months old and I went to the local mum and baby group to meet people but they spent 2 hours discussing local gossip and I never went back, so I suppose it's my fault.  Getting a part time job seemed like a good solution - I could meet some people, have a bit of time away from Little Boy and earn some extra money (so I can finally replace my poor old laptop, bought in 2006 and struggling with the demands of modern 3D modeling software).  But it's not going to happen so I'll just have to hang in there and look forward to the days when Little Boy's done teething and he's a pleasure to be around once more.  Oh and work extra hard to sell enough clocks to buy a new laptop!

Sorry for that big moan, I try to keep the blog cheerful but every once in a while I need to vent.  To balance things out I'm going extra cheerful with today's item selections - lots of bright, colourful rainbows everywhere.  Enjoy!

Crocheted Rainbow Baby Receiving Blanket by CrochetCuddes
£40 (+ free delivery)
A gorgeous handmade crochet receiving blanket!  It is approx 75cm by 95xm and made from 100% cotton yarn and is lovely & soft and cuddley!

Rainbow Plate by AshleySymeou
£48 (+ free delivery)
This bright and colourful kite shaped concave ceramic plate is a fun addition to any table top. It is glazed using the Raku process and then decorated with gilding liquid and oils and sealed with a clear varnish.
Size: Approx. 26cm x 26cm
All artwork comes with a letter of authenticity and is signed and dated.

Crochet Rainbow Mouse Kit by PlanetPennyUK
£15.11 (+ £3.48 p&p)
This kit contains enough beautifully smooth mercerised cotton to make 14 adorable crochet mice, each in a different shade, plus the instructions and beads for eyes and noses. Their use can be as imaginative as you like!  To make them you will just need a 3mm crochet hook, yarn needle and some toy stuffing.

Rainbow Dorset Button Bracelet Kit by Beakerbutton
£10 (+ £3 p&p)
This kit contains everything you need to make the bracelet in the photo, including needle, rings, yarn and full written instructions with clear photos. It is an original design. The wool used in the kit is the delicious Krafty Koala mini skeins, and you should have enough left over to make something else fabulous, or to add to your stash.  It comes in a purple paper gift bag so you don't even have to find wrapping if it's a present. 

'Here Comes The Sun' Rainbow and Dove Necklace by MIXKO
£19.70 (+ £3.28 p&p)
Looking for a rainbow after a rain?
Rainbow and Dove in the front, the last drop of rain on your back.
Rainbow - Ribbons (polyester)
Dove - Light weight plastic
Rain drop - Czech crystal bead
Chain and findings - Silver Plated
Chain length: 18" / 45cm

Rainbow Planets Hand Painted Spectrum Bead Necklace by WallawsAndZammadons
£24.96 (+ £3.24 p&p)
Rainbow Planets hand painted Spectrum Bead necklace in radical rainbow with glass crystal beads, silver plate findings and lobster claw clasp. Be a rainbow for a day! Laura Tupker makes the spectrum beads with lightweight Styrofoam and paint with non-toxic waterproof paints to get a unique and lovely textured effect. 

Little Wooden Rainbow Village by LittleWoodlanders
£20 (+ £2.50 p&p)
This little wooden rainbow village is made of maple and beech. The littlest houses are 3/4" x 1" (2cm x 2.5cm). The people are 1" x 1/2" (2.5cm x 2cm). The grass is 2 1/2" x 1/4" (6cm x .5cm). Comes in a white, cotton drawstring bag. Painted with AP Certified non toxic watercolours.  The set comes with:
12 houses
2 people
4 lengths of grass
2 trees
1 bridge

'After The Rain' Noah's Ark Print by CarolineRoseArt
£25 (+ £2.70 p&p)
The rain has stopped, finally! The dove has arrived and all is well. This is a beautiful and whimsical art work of Noah's Ark.  This is a beautiful A3 (16.5 x 11.7 in, 42cm x 29.7 cm) print of an A3 collage using various cut papers on a paper background. It is printed on Ilford smooth pearl paper using archival inks so it will last a lifetime.  The colours are beautiful and bright and it will looks beautiful framed. 

Rainbow Elephant Limited Edition Screen Print by liwbanks
£55 (+ £4 p&p)
Rainbow Elephant hand pulled, six colour screen print.  Limited Edition of 40.  Print measures 42 x 47.5cm (16 1/2" x 18 3/4").  Paper size 61 x 54cm (24" x 21 1/4").  Prints are packaged in sturdy card tubes for posting.

Summer Brights Extra Long Bunting by Melsey
£42.66 (+ £2.82 p&p)
Great for indoors or out, garden party, street party, afternoon tea tree house, festival or wedding. This colour selection includes new, recycled and vintage cottons and new cottons with designs from the likes of Laura Ashley and Liberty's in London.  This set has 50 flags. Each flag is approx 7.5 - 8" (at longest point) 5" (at widest point). The total garland reaches 32ft long, this includes approx 18 inches of ribbon at each end for hanging. Each flag is double sided so can be hung anywhere.
People are having trouble commenting on the blog again, so if you'd like to say something and blogger won't let you, comments can be left on the Buy Handmade British facebook page.

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Game, Set and Match

I'm not a real tennis fan because I don't watch it for 11 months of the year but I love watching Queens and Wimbledon, so I couldn't let the grass court season pass without doing a tennis post. 

'Anyone for Tennis?' Greeting Card by YourMumRang
£2.85 (+ 70p p&p)
Wimbledon is here - it's time to dust off your tennis racquet and wash those tennis whites. New balls please!  This is an individually hand-printed card, featuring a rather stylish yet perhaps impractically dressed Victorian lady and the words "Anyone for tennis?".  Printed onto cream-coloured card stock, it measures 10.5cm x 15cm and has been left blank inside for your own message. 

A Spot of Tennis Printed Canvas Tote Bag by handmadeinhighbury
£13.19 (+ £2.31 p&p)
The bag is handsewn and screen printed with a grass design on both sides and a tennis ball bouncing on one side. The material is 10oz sturdy cotton canvas with handles made of 100% cotton webbing. A "Handmade in Highbury" label is sewn inside. The bag measures 16 ins L x 13.5 ins W x 1.5 ins D (41cm x 34cm x 4cm) and the handles have a 10.5ins (26cm) drop.

Tennis Mini Dress Knit and Crochet Pattern by wonkyzebra
£1.32 (PDF delivered by email)
PDF emailed to you of a vintage 1970s pattern.  A “Pretty as a Picture” Knit Crochet Tennis Mini Dress.  Plain knitting with an unusual and gorgeous crochet back detail.  Just the thing to distract someone watching, if your playing isn’t up to Wimbledon standards.  You could make this a little longer for a stunning party mini dress.

Vintage Tennis Rackets Cushion Cover by anettascraft
£21.10 (+ free delivery)
Vintage Tennis Rackets Hessian Cushion Cover.  Cushion is made from hessian fabric with canvas print in the middle. Jute string and canvas stained with coffee and cinnamon add even more vintage & rustic look to the cushion.Envelope style opening at the back.  Approx. size 16" x 16" (40cm x 40cm).  Cushion pad is not Included.

I Dream of Tennis Giclee Print by gorjuss
£11.87 (+ £1.98 p&p)
These beautiful Gorjuss™ Prints are printed to the edges, no white borders ( making it super easy to frame, just grab a frame the size of the print ( or a larger frame with a Mount/Matt that is the size of the print). They are professionally printed on 300 gsm archival quality paper, by ourselves, using a HUGE 24" Giclee Printer. The Prints have a breathtakingly beautiful Lustre finish. The paper is thick, won't yellow or fade over the years.

Knitted Plush Meerkat Tennis Player by niftyknits
£26.38 (+ £1.65 p&p)
This handknitted meerkat tennis player is about to serve an ACE, you can tell by the way he's standing!  He's a traditionalist, all in white, and probably needs to speak to his coach about the way his racket is wired. Ready for Wimbledon!  His 3 inch, 7cm racket is wired, as is his arm so that he can keep it up and change the angle, and in his other hand is a bright green pea-sized ball. He is knitted to niftyknits' own pattern. He is around 7" tall, and stands freely due to the wiring in his legs and tail.

Tennis Book Illustration Notebooks by ReFabricates
£10 (+ £4 p&p)
These cute recycled notebooks are handmade using illustrations from a 1984 edition of "Learning To Play Better Tennis". Each notebook is hand stitched with mustard book binding thread.  They are A6 in size, perfect pocket books or for carrying around in your handbag, for collecting thoughts, making observations and keeping lists!  They come tied with natural twine, making an excellent gift.

Tennis Match Contemporary Art by simonsgallery
£29.68 (+ £9.89 p&p)
"Tennis Match" - 4x4 inch framed original painting.  Painted with acrylics onto acid free mount board Matted (mounted) in a 8x8 inch a simple white painted wooden frame. Ready to hang and brighten your wall space. Also available with a black frame.

Tennis Notebook Upcycled from an Original Chris Rea Record Sleeve by GoldenGuinea
£4 (+ £2.50 p&p)
Here we have this original Tennis-themed record cover, lovingly transformed into a beautifully chic notebook for all you doodlers, scribblers and lovers of all things vintage.  A5 in size with approx. 60 lined-pages of 100% recycled paper, bound together with sturdy binding wire making it nice and durable so you can throw it in your bag and take it everywhere you go. You'll feel awesome when you whip it out in front of your friends, and you'll even get extra kudos because it's made with recycled and upcycled materials!  As a much-loved original there may be some signs of wear but this all adds to the vintage charm. 

Welsh Corgi Playing Tennis Print by susanalisonart
£11.21 (+ £1.98 p&p)
This is a collectible fine art print, sized 10x8 inches, of a Susan Alison design, originally painted in watercolour.  This edition has been printed professionally using the Epson archival printer (the empress of fine art printers), using amazing pigment inks onto archival paper. The print will last over 100 years.  This print is signed and will arrive with you suitably protected and packed flat, but is sold without a mount, and unframed.

Monday, 25 June 2012

Little Things To Make You Smile.

England are out on penalties (again), Little Boy's teething (again - 12 teeth in 4 months and more coming through) and I can't think of any more reasons to avoid doing my tax return.  I'm going to need some cheering up.  So I've assembled this collection of happy little items that made me smile, hopefully they'll work on you too.  Looking on the bright side - Wimbledon starts today (hurray!), once these teeth are through (because he always gets 4 in one go) little boy will only have 4 more to come, and my tax return is going to show a small profit which is nice.

Before that we have the business of last Friday's Guess The Theme.  The theme was 'The Court of King Caractacus' by Rolf Harris.  I based all the items from the line "Now if you want to take some pictures of the fascinating witches who put the scintilating stiches in the britches of the boys who put the powder on the noses on the faces of the ladies of the harem of the court of King Catactacus..." and, hopefully, I got them in the right order.  And then there was Rolf.

Orange, Pink and Yellow Fairisle Alien Desk Worm by ButterflyLove1
£10.54 (+ £3.62 p&p)
This worm has been hand knitted using a soft man made yarn and is stuffed with hypo-allergenic polyfil. It has been created within a pet and smoke-free environment. Surface cleaning only is recommended to keep it in tip top condition. It measures approximately eight inches by four inches and is very, very cute! 

Bow Tie Oddity by LifeIsFullOfOddities
£6 (+ £2.70 p&p)
An Oddity with a touch of class. Or extra adorable factor!  An Oddity is roughly 10cm high, 6.5 cm across and 5 cm depth. The bow is 6 cm by 3.5. It is made out of felt and is hand sewn onto elastic (allowing you to position the bow tie where you would like).  Available in a choice of colours.

Little Goldfish in a Bag Bodysuit by joynevadalittleones
£10.54 (+ £1.98 p&p)
Your little one will look so cool wearing this little goldfish onesie or tee!  Original illustration is heat transferred onto 100% cotton onesie/bodysuit or tee.
Available in onesies sizes :
0-3 months
3-6 months
6-9 months
6-12 months
Also available on a t-shirt for small charge.

Octonauts Notebook Cover by juliesjumpers
£7.99 (+ £2.20 p&p)
Octonauts Peso A5 Notebook Cover.  Comes complete with A5 Hardback Ruled Notebook.  Machine Washable and easily transferable when the notebook becomes full.  Your child will love writing, practising spelling or doing their sums in this adorable little notebook.  Machine knitted in a reddish brown colour with Peso on the front.  Could be made with a different character or in a different colour. 

Red 'Magic' Box by GlassRoofBooks
£15 (+ £2.50 p&p)
Measuring approximately 21.5 cm x 7.5 cm, with a depth of 5 cm, this handmade red box is the perfect place to store trinkets or small items of jewellery.  It looks like a conventional box, but this box has a secret: the clever design allows it to open in two ways, revealing one compartment one way, and two compartments the other way.  Covered in red leather-effect fabric, the walls of the box’s inside compartments are lined with a decorative paper, depicting hearts. 

Robot Love Illustration Art Print by ickleson
£5 (+ £1 p&p)
A print of an inky illustration of a robot in love.  Printed on good quality matt stock with archival quality inks. The picture is about 7 x 5 inches and has a deep white boarder to allow for mounting and framing.

Illustrated Seagull Laser Beam Alliance Plate by BrightonCrock
£15 (+ £4.50 p&p)
The seagulls are more organised than we first thought. Humans were getting wise to the chip stealing birds so they have now resorted to using laser beams. Do not be afraid because this is Brighton Crock's little hand drawn side plate, Seagull Laser Beam Alliance. Join the S.L.B.A!  This is an original piece of artwork and each plate is hand drawn by me with porcelain ink on to a white porcelain plate. It is then heat set to increase durability. Designs may vary as each piece is hand drawn.

Space Invaders Coffee Cosy by MouthyMitts
£9.22 (+ £1.98 p&p)
This coffee cup cozy is perfect for any girly girl gamer as it's finished off with a hand-embroidered, candy pink Space Invader.  The high quality of the snuggly soft cashmere/merino yarn and of the finished product, together with the fact that you just don't see anything like this in the shops makes it a perfect all year round purchase for any coffee loving geek or nerd.  All cozies are shown on a standard 16oz cup and will fit smaller/larger sizes too.  So practical - just keep your cozy in your bag/purse/car and it'll be there whenever you need it to protect your hands while keeping your coffee hot. 

Spotty Doorstop with Knotted Handle by OneLeggedGoose
£12 (+ free delivery)
A pretty way to stop those doors from slamming. Made from 100%cotton. The fabric design is of large spots - 3.5cm wide - in primary colours of red, blue, yellow and green on a soft white background. The handle of the door stop is formed by tying two pieces of the fabric into a doulble knot.  Size - 15 x 15cms, height not including the tied handles is 12cm. There is a zip opening on the base where it can be filled from with sand or rice or beans.

Hand Embroidered Tea Cup Tea Towel by LouIllustrator
£7 (+ £1.50 p&p)
Dry your dishes in style with this little fellow adorning your kitchen!  This is a 100% handmade Tea-towel with a Gingham trim at the top and featuring a hand embroidered design of a cute little tea cup in the bottom right hand corner.  Towel measures 65cm x 44cm.  100% Cotton.