Wednesday, 16 May 2012

The Tooth Fairy

I'm going to the dentist this morning.  I don't normally mind going to the dentist but I'm not looking forward to it at all today.  It's my first visit to the dentist since my little boy became a proper run-around, play with everything toddler and I couldn't find anyone to look after him so he has to come with me.  The receptionist says she'll watch him while I'm in with the dentist but I don't think she has a clue what she's taking on.  Judging by my little boy's reaction when I got my blood pressure taken at the hospital, there will be screaming.  He's very protective of his mummy.

In honour of my trip to the dentist, I've assembled a lovely collection of tooth related products for your enjoyment.

Bluebell Needle Felted Tooth Fairy Box by SooSun
£16.01 (+ free delivery)
A beautiful little round container that you can use for the tale of the tooth fairy and with a bluebell fairy sitting on the lid.  Created this using both traditional wet and dry felting techniques and a blend of wools in blues, cream gold and green.  The box is securely hinged at the back and has a twisted loop and pearl to fasten at the front, giving you a tiny keepsake to treasure.  Dimension….. 2.5 inches in diameter and 3.5 inches tall

Boys and Girls Tooth Fairy Pillows by OneLeggedGoose
£6 (+ free delivery)
These tooth fairy pillows are made out of 100% brushed cotton fabric in a pale blue design, or a pale pink design. The small pillow in the middle is filled with polyester filling and there is a small pocket sewn on top for the tooth to be put waiting for collection! Size 16x16cms 

Copper 'From The Tooth Fairy' Bracelet by suzyandleo
£5.44 (+ £2.56 p&p)
This little bracelet is a gift from the tooth fairy in return for a first wobbly baby tooth!  It measures 6", and consists of a hand shaped, hammered and stamped copper tag (sealed at the back) saying FROM THE TOOTH FAIRY. This is threaded on a white silk cord band and fastens with a copper lobster clasp. At the edge of the tag dangles a Tibetan silver 'tooth angel' charm - a smily tooth with wings!

Moustache Tooth Brooch by foxbunting
£1.28 (+ 63p p&p)
Tiny felt tooth brooch. This ostentatious little guy is not afraid of showing off his brilliant moustache. Obviously all of these brooches are handmade so don't always look exactly the same.  Measures approx 1" x 1"  Stuffed with 100% polyester stuffing.  18mm bar pin brooch.

Personalised Tooth Fairy Box by SamMillerUK
£8 (+ £1 p&p)
A perfect box to leave your tooth in for the tooth-fairy! Any name can be added to the front. A fairy is on the top, gold paint outlines the shape and there are some sparkles on her outfit. A special tooth is already inside. The pirate design is also available on this shape box.  The treasure chest shaped box is also available with the pirate or fairy image

Racing Car Tooth Fairy Pillow by robinredcrafts
£12.50 (+ free delivery)
This tooth fairy pillow has a message embroidered to say "Tooth Fairy Please look in here", below which is a secret pocket to put the special tooth, and for the tooth fairy to leave her present in return. The cushion is appliqued with a racing car, and the fabric at the rear features red polka dots and fairies on toadstools.  A ribbon loop is added to the top for hanging or displaying.  The pillow measures 14cm across and 15cm long.

Sweet Tooth Handmade Tooth Fairy Pillow by Naju
£10 (+ 99p p&p)
When we heard the Tooth Fairy was ready to hang up her wings (she was exhausted from lifting all those sleepy heads off pillows to find teeth), we decided to help her out. After all, the world would be a very glum place without her!  So we came up with Sweet Tooth. These adorable hand-made gifts are perfect for keeping a real tooth safe until the Tooth Fairy pays a visit!  Each Sweet Tooth has been lovingly crocheted by hand, so they may differ very slightly from the images. Approximate size: 9cm high x 7cm wide.

Tooth Dude Necklace by CuteCreationsStore
£4.50 (+ £1.95 p&p)
With his toothpaste quiff, this little guy certainly has some style!  This necklace has been made by printing onto 1/16" white acrylic. It has a layer of lamination on top which makes it super shiny and completely waterproof.  The pendant is suspended from a 18" silver plated twist chain.  The charm measures approx. 33mm tall and 36mm wide. 

Cebra Tooth Soap Paste by cebra
£5.70 (+ £2.24 p&p)
Based on oil palm free (Elaeis guineensis) cold processed soap, this tooth soap has a high content of shea butter and coconut oil as well as babassu butter and olive oil (95%). Uses baking soda and myrrh as well as peppermint essential oil for freshness and a great aroma. Free from preservatives and harsh abrasives, this paste keeps your teeth clean and your breath fresh.

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  1. Thanks so much for including my Tooth Fairy Pillow on your blog, and best of luck at the dentists today!
    Sally xox
    (Robin Red Crafts)