Monday, 14 May 2012

Beautiful Silver Rings

Did you guess the theme of Friday's blog?  It was, of course, 'Bicycle Race' by Queen.  All the items in the blog are mentioned in the song - Jaws, Star Wars, Rolls Royce, Peter Pan, Frankenstein, Superman, John Wayne, Hot Dog, the President of America and bicycle.  

I'm very tired this morning because my little boy had a bad night last night, so I'm keeping things very simple.  Today it's all about beautiful, handmade silver rings.

Autumn Leaves Ring by SILVENE
£130 (+ £4 p&p)
This ring is totally handmade in silver.  A delicate organic design inspired by autumn leaves.  The polished edges have a miligrain effect and the ring is oxidised for an antique style.   The leaves are engraved by hand, the engraved parts are matt and the rest is polished.

Sterling Silver Bubbles Ring by Scape
£28.09 (+ £1.92 p&p)
Eight hand formed circles of Sterling Silver are soldered together, and then passed through a rolling mill which flattens them out to create a beautiful even surface. A slim Sterling ring band which is not visible from the front is added. The ring is then filed and sanded, tumbled for strength and finally given this brushed, satin finish. The ring sits flush against the finger, and is so comfortable and light that you will hardly know you're wearing it.

Sterling Silver and Fuchsia Resin Ring by juliekirkjewellery
£58 (+ £3 p&p)
Two silver rings - a simple inner band and a navette-shape outer band are held together with a deep fuchsia resin. A fresh, elegant and interesting look.  Extremely comfortable with smooth, polished edges and sleek curves. Don't be deceived by the gothic church-window point - this is a well finished ring with absolutely no sharp corners.  Resin is durable, lightweight and colour-fast. 

Gothic Window Ring by AnastasiaYoung
£124.50 (+ £7.66 p&p)
The design features two gothic windows, which meet at a point at the apex of the ring. The recessed areas are textured to look like carved stone, and the ring is oxidized to accentuate the recessed textures.  Size 4.75, US (J, UK).

Sterling Silver Heart Ring by MetallyChallenged
£35 (+ free delivery)
The ring band is fashioned from 3mm sterling silver round wire.  The heart is etched freehand on the metal before sawing from 1mm thick sterling silver sheet and then lightly hammering for texture and a slight shimmer.  Heart measures 1.5cm across at widest point. All made using traditional silversmithing methods.

Sterling Silver and Jade Snake Ring by AlexanderSolkin
£19.50 (+ £2.50 p&p)
This one of a kind sterling silver ring at first glance appears as a snake sitting upon the finger, yet is one single piece of silver wire, intricately wrapped into a distinctive and uinique ring. This is combined with a 9mm jade cabochon set in rustic silver cup to add to the natural feel of the item.

Sterling Silver Rose Bud Ring by chrisparry
£60 (+ £3.50 p&p)
A hand carved rose bud. Then moulded and cast for these rings. Unique and original.  The rose head is approximately 5mm wide and 5mm tall.  It sits upon a 2mm square ring shank which will be made to your exact ring size.  Ring can be finished with a brushed satin (as pictured) or highly polished finish.

Notched Sterling Silver Ring with Sapphire by DeborahJonesJewelry
£60 (+ £5.90 p&p)
This handmade silver ring has a stunningly blue cabochon sapphire set in 18ct gold.  The 4mm wide D shaped silver band has a beaten finish and has been notched either side of the stone. Can be made with a different stone on request.

Sterling Silver andAmber Sunset Flight Ring by NRjewellerydesign
£39.99 (+ free delivery)
A cute everyday ring featuring birds in flight, a bright orange amber gemstone on a rustic hammered ring.  Size: 22mm x 14mm, UK size L, US size 5-3/4.

Twisted Daisy Ring by jemimalumley
£82.36 (+ £5.11 p&p)
A coiled ring of daisies, simple and beautiful. Wire is coiled around several times, in an organic way, and then daisies are placed where they look right.  All elements are sterling silver or 9k recycled gold. The largest flower is approximately 6mm wide, the smallest just 2mm. The wire forming the ring is 1.3mm wide.

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  1. These are simply amazing! The creativity and the detailing just takes my breath away! I’ve always had a fascination for silver rings for women, ever since I saw a collection that my friend’s mother had. I cant decide which one to choose!