Friday, 13 April 2012

Science Fiction Fantasy

As a follow-up to yesterdays science fact blog, today is a celebration of all things science fiction.  It's a shame it's the end of the week or I could've continued the theme tomorrow with a fantasy blog...  Maybe next week will be fiction genres week (if I can find 5 good subjects - fantasy, comedy, historical, romance, action-adventure perhaps?).

After the bank holiday on Monday I've been confused all week and Friday sneaked up on me.  I'm still not entirely sure it is Friday but House was on last night so yesterday must've been Thursday...    Anyway, we're having a new sofa delivered tomorrow to our first floor apartment.  Should be interesting...  We've ordered a modular sofa from a company that specialises in making furniture to go into apartments so hopefully it won't be too difficult to get all the pieces upstairs.  But we still have to get all the old furniture out of the room and get the new sofa in and assembled whist trying to keep a toddler out of the way.  Like I said, it's going to be interesting.  I may have epic tales of struggle and disaster for you on Monday!  Hope you all have a good weekend.  Now on with the blog.

Berlin Moon Print by cheism
£5.79 (+ £1.29 p&p)
An original digital image of the TV tower in Berlin, done in a sci-fi style.  The image was completed on Adobe Illustrator and has been printed with an Inkjet printer on 180gsm paper.  The print is A4 size (21cm wide x 29.7cm height) (8.2 inches wide x 11.6 inches height) and has white border around it. 

Sci Fi Comic Paper Bead Bracelet by redkittencrafts
£6 (+ £2 p&p)
This unique bracelet consists of paper beads made from recycled, colourful comics. Each bead is separated by a silver plated spacer bead. Beads have been lightly varnished but you should avoid getting them wet.  Beads are strung on 2mm black genuine leather and bracelet fastens with a silver magnetic clasp (very easy to fasten and strong)

Star Wars Chess by alexshepardart
£96.58 (+ £12.88 p&p)
This amazing chess set is presented in a 10x10x5 inch wooden lined box. the top of the box is the chess board and around the sides of the box are different images.  The pieces are Luke, Han, Leia, Ben Kenobi, Chewbacca, Lando, a Hoth Fighter and an X-Wing Fighter, Darth, Boba Fett, the Emperor, Walrusman, an Imperial Guard, a Wampa, Tuskan Raider and a Stormtrooper.  The pawns are Jawa's and Ewoks.

Hand-Drawn Dalek Cushion by geekvintageuk
£14.99 (+ £3 p&p)
Hand-drawn Doctor Who Dalek on a handmade cushion. Fabric is 100% craft cotton. Stuffed with fibre-fill, this is a complete cushion. No insert is required. Approx. 12 x 12" in size.  Front panel is white cotton fabric, with design drawn on with fabric markers. Design has been heat-sealed for washing. Back panel is grey patterned fabric.

'Inevitable Betrayal' Firefly T-Shirt by Perdita00
£14 (+ £3 p&p)
Lady fit t-shirt with design inspired by a quote from Firefly.  This high quality T-shirt is manufactured from 100% Ringspun Cotton and carries the brand name ‘Soft Style’ due to its deluxe 30/1’s yarn giving a soft handle. The design is printed with water-based, eco-friendly inks.

Knitted Luke Skywalker Meerkat by niftyknits
£25.75 (+ £1.61 p&p)
Luke Meerkat has a white tunic which comes off.  His teeny waist is cinched in with a twisted cord sash.  His lightsaber is a very bright green. Rest assured it is not real and will not damage anyone.  He holds his lightsaber securely in one paw - very securely, in fact, as it is attached by a loop of wire so that when his teeny arm gets yarn-strain he can detach the weapon and tuck it in his belt. Luke is approximately 7" tall (18cm) with arms, back legs and tail all wired to allow him to pose as you wish!

Back to the Future Wooden Peg People by RandomlyGenerated
£19.32 (+ £2.90 p&p)
Marty is wearing his stylish demin and "life preserver" outfit, while Doc Brown comes in his radiation suit and has brought Einstein the dog along for the ride.  The peg people measure 2 and 3/4 inches tall and you'll be buying both of them.  Every peg is hand-painted in "sunny" Scotland and packed safely in a cardboard gift box, tied with a silver bow and sent in a padded envelope. And each order comes with a speech-bubble, so the pegs can introduce themselves!

Star Trek Original Series Mice by TheHouseOfMouse
£90.14 (+ £3.22 p&p)
These adorable little mice would look perfect on any Trekkies bookshelf. This collection includes James T Kirk Mouse, Spock Mouse, Bones Mouse, Uhura Mouse and Scotty Mouse. Each mouse is hand sewn using felt, silks, ribbon, beads, glue, cardboard, monofilament and he is stuffed with polyfil. Each stands approximately 2.5inches tall (6.5cm) Their costumes and accessories are not removable.

Thunderbirds Comic Book 3D Freestanding Letter by RoseberryStore
£6 (+ £2 p&p)
With supportive styrofoam insides these sturdy yet light letters are covered with a layer of Thunderbirds comic book paper. Each character measures approx 13cm high, 5cm deep while width varies.  Letters, numbers and heart, £ and & available.

Transformers Annual Journal by ReadAndBuried
£13 (+ free delivery)
Up-cycled hardback journal that has been re-cased using a Transformers annual cover. The pages have been hand bound with a nice matte cartridge paper that is thick enough for ink, watercolour and graphite. This journal has been re-cased with the entire cover including the spine.  The book size is 285mm x 195mm (approx. 11" x 7½")

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  1. Excellent - some of my favourites here but also some new (to me) so I have some browsing to do today. I love the back to the Future Pegs, they are very "real", so much character in so few paint strokes.