Tuesday, 3 April 2012

It's a Bug's Life

The heavy rain and light snow hasn't arrived yet so I'm going to put off the wellies-and-umbrellas blog for another day and go with a summery theme - insects!

Before we start I thought I'd share my latest project with you.  I bought a book on drawing cartoons over the weekend so this week I'm experimenting with digital art (if I try to do real drawings a little boy runs off with my pencil...), texture and distortion, and the result is the picture on the right.  What do you think?  I think the mug needs some steam coming out of it to make it look more like a lovely big mug of tea/coffee but otherwise I'm happy.  The use of real textures in cartoons seems to be very popular on children's tv at the moment so this image is probably influenced more by Cbeebies than anything I learnt from the book.

Back to today's blog - here's a collection of insects made justg for you by British sellers on Etsy.

Hand Drawn Centipede T-Shirt by AnthropoidClothing
£30 (+ £1 p&p)
Hand drawn onto 100% cotton tee. Available in most colours, styles and sizes. Hand drawn to order. Personal original commissions also taken. Drawn with fabric pens and heat sealed so washable up to 60 degrees 

Crochet Stag Beetle Artwork by DaisyandherThings
£15 (+ £2.70 p&p)
3D crochet Stag Beetle on a green background, in a really fun rustic log-edged frame.  Stag Beetles are endangered in the British Isles and it would be a real privilege to see one... in the meantime you can make do with this! His wing cases are worked in slightly hairy chocolate brown yarn and the rest is black acrylic, with a touch of lurex that picks up the light, like a good healthy shiny beetle would!

Ant Vinyl Wall Decal by WondrousWallArt
£5.12 (+ £1.28 p&p)
This wondrous wall decal will completely transform your child's bedroom(s) smoothly and cheaply. Computer cut to the size you asked for and made in one of 22 great colors that can compliment and contrast with your existing room color scheme.  Wall stickers from Wondrous Wall Art give you the flexibility to be creative and special when adding a touch of glamour or fun to your bedroom, living room, bathroom, hallway, dining room, kitchen or workplace. 

Original Oil Pastel Dragonfly by jamesnicholls1
£30 (+ £5 p&p)
Hand drawn original oil pastel illustration of a dragonfly.  Size 148 x 210 mm

Sterling Silver Wire Wrapped Earrings by silveralchemy
£11.53 (+ free delivery)
These fabby little dragonfly earrings have been made by wire wrapping sterling silver wire, hammering, oxidsing and finally tumbling to give them polish and strength.
Hung on hand forged sterling silver earring wires.  Approx 1- 1.25 inches from the wires 

Blue and Orange Centipede Gift Tags by rosieplustheboys
£4.50 (+ 79p p&p)
This stunning set of 6 creepy crawly tags are hand cut from bright blue and neon orange paper and mounted onto heavy duty matt card to give a luxury feel.  These tags include an extra long fawn wool tie to coordinate with any wrapping paper or ribbon colour you might choose. Each tag measures approx 1100mm long by 40mm wide.

Mosaic Dragonfly Garden Wall Plaque by FunkyMosaicsUK
£20 (+ £5.50 p&p)
Mosaic dragonfly made from  irridescent vitreous glass tiles in white for the wings and blues and mauves on the body, which reflect rainbow colours when viewed from different angles. The top section has three matt black ceramic tiles and a shiny black tip for the tail. Two clear red irridescent glass nuggets/gems have also been included. His eyes are clear yellow nuggets. The black grout really makes the colours 'pop' and gives the 'vein-like' appearance to the wings.

Silver Hand Cut Dragonfly Necklace by DragonLane
£14.09 (+ £1.28 p&p)
This little dragonfly's wings were hand cut out of a sheet of sterling silver and soldered to a sterling silver 3mm wire. It's a very simple little pendent attached to a sterling silver 18" chain. 

Green Ant Purse by handmadeinhighbury
£9.93 (+ £1.92 p&p)
The ant is hand printed and the legs,
antennae and trail embroidered in black on 100% green cotton.  The purse is lined with a black and white criss-cross design.
Size 13cm x 9cm (5.25ins x 3.75ins) 

Soft Beetle Scuplture by MisterFinch
£45 (+ £3.50 p&p)
Stuffed very firmly and tightly these little beetles are ready to add a little life to a quiet space.  A little bit new Victorian and a little bit handsome.  Made from a vintage fabric piece with delicate embroidered flowers leaves on.  Iron wire is threaded through at all the joints and these are locked together with small pearly buttons.  This beetle's body is approx 7.5cm in width and approx length is 16cm (not including legs or antennae!)

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