Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Comics, Cartoons and Graphic Novels

Apologies to anyone who couldn't access the blog yesterday evening.  I've changed host so there was a bit of downtime while I transferred things over but it's all up and running now.

Today for Fiction Week we're looking at comics, cartoons and graphic novels.  I've had a lot of fun putting this one together.  I completely in love with Sasha Distan's customised My Little Ponies.  I've included the ninja pony here but recommend you head over to the BadDogProductions shop on Etsy and have a look at the full range.  I love Iron Monkey too...  This is one of those blog posts where it's good that I don't have any money or I would've bought everything for myself and then I'd have nothing to blog about.

'To The Batmobile' A4 Digital Print by deanbeattie
£4.50 (+ £1.50 p&p)
This is an A4 digital print of Adam West as Batman on 300gsm silk paper.  The original image was made with acrylics, coloured pencils and photoshop.

Drama Queens Comic Strip Handbag by UniquelyDifferent
£31.57 (+ £2.90 p&p)
This handbag is made from a discontinued and hard to find fabric by Michael Miller called "Drama Queens" featuring a fun comic strip.  The fabric is good quality 100% cotton which has been interfaced throughout to make the bag sturdy. It has a matching strap, black side gusset and interior lining with an interior pocket made from the exterior "Drama Queens" fabric.  This cool bag measures 13" wide x 8" tall at the centre and closes with a magnetic snap.

Incredible Hulk Photo Frame by woahtherebecki
£9.02 (+ £1.93 p&p)
This is a handmade photo frame, using pieces from an old Incredible Hulk Annual.  The photo frame itself can hold 3 images and has a stand at the back, so can stand on its own, or can be hung. The large photo slot can hold a 10x15cm photo and the two smaller slots hold 5x7cm photos.

Iron Man Sock Monkey by chocolatefish
£19.33 (+ £2.58 p&p)
Stark Industries newest model......
Iron Monkey!
Don't let his tough exterior fool you, this guy will melt any heart of steel.   Iron Monkey is made to order.

'Pink Rose Breeze' Original Illustration by tehkeh
£5.15 (+ 97p p&p)
This manga influenced original illustration art card has been created using markers. 
+ Measures approx 2.5 x 3.5 inches
+ Signed & dated on the back.
+ This ACEO is numbered #069
+ The artwork is backed on bright pink card and comes with a protective clear plastic card sleeve.

Mephistos Book 1 by naniiebim
£6.44 (+ £1.61 p&p)
First part of the MEPHISTOS comics, which is part of the HERE BE DEMONS series.

What would you do if you came home one day to find a demon standing outside your apartment door?
A wandering narrative of the story between a young woman and her new demon neigbour.

Heavy gloss card covers, 56 pages of black and white comic.  Good quality lithographic printed perfect bound books.  Available signed.  About B5 size [slightly wider and shorter]

My Little Ninja Pony by BadDogProductions
£20 (+ £3.50 p&p)
The stealthiest of all warriors this little ninja is sure to be on guard in the shadows. Complete with katana and throwing stars he even has a magnet in his foot and will hang upside down for hours just waiting to interrupt misdemeanour's!  Customised and hand painted, he is signed and unique, with a personality all his own.

Custom Speech Bubble Cushion by Threadful
£15 (+ free delivery)
Want something specific on your cushion?  Customise it by choosing your own text!  Your text can be up to 10 characters - obviously the more characters, the smaller the text, or multiple words over 2+ lines. 100% super soft fleece, filled with polyester fibres.  Measures roughly 38cm x 34cm

Stoppit & TidyUp Book Cover with Notebook by SweetlyWrapped
£14.18 (+ £2.58 p&p)
This book cover is made from a reclaimed page from a Stoppit & Tidy-Up book from the eighties, then encased inside a sturdy vinyl.  The book cover features the main characters from the land of Do-As-You're-Told on the front; Stoppit, the pink ball, and Tidy-Up, the purple one. Clean-Your-Teeth features on the inside.  There are two 'pockets' to insert your book, which is the correct size for an A6 notebook (approx 5.8" x 4.1"). Comes with a UK size A6, hardback, lined notebook.

ZAP! Hair Clip by JanineBasil
£12 (+ £3 p&p)
This hairclip is lightweight but sturdy. It is made from polyester felt which has been machine embroidered with a design made and digitized by me. I use a rayon thread which has a beautiful satin like sheen. A hairclip is then attached and then it's lined with another layer of felt.

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