Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Amigurumi Zoo

Today I've compiled an amigurumi zoo for your browsing pleasure.  Amigurumi is the Japanese art of making knitted or crocheted animals, but of course you already knew that.

Green Kawaii Frog by cutedesigns
£6 (+ £2.50 p&p)
This little frog measures approx 2.75 inches wide and 2.25 inches tall. (7 x 6 cms). It is crocheted using 100% acrylic yarn and stuffed with polyester filling. It has safety eyes to see with and an embroidered mouth detail.

Giraffe George Crochet Toy by LittleOwlsHut
£518.44 (+ free delivery)
Thanks to the wire frame inside this giraffe has bendable legs and neck. It would make  an interesting toy for older children or just a sculpture.  It is 40 cm (16 inches) tall

Hobbes The Tiger by LottiesCreations
£35 (+ £2.50 p&p)
Amigurimi Hobbes the tiger plush from Calvin and Hobbes.  Hobbes is approx 21 inches long from ear to tail, and 12 inches when sat. He is made from acrylic yarn, stuffed with toy stuffing and has felt eyes, nose and top head stripes

Lion Softie by TheHunnyBunnyCompany
£14.26 (+ £2.59 p&p)
Don't worry...he is a friendly Lion who never bites or growls. He does roar sometimes but usually with laughter at some silly joke! Lion stands about 7cm (3 inches) and is about 8cm (3 and a half inches) long. Lion comes to you in his own handmade Hunny Bunny box ready to give as a gift. 

Sweet Mouse Doll by MossMountain
£7.78 (+ 97p p&p)
Adorable and tiny, this sweet amigurumi crochet mouse doll is only two inches high. She is carefully crocheted, stuffed, and features tiny gold safety eyes. The mouse's inner ears, tail, and nose are in a peachy pink colour in contrast to her soft tan body. She is the perfect size for small hands, or for a dollhouse. 

Crochet Octopus with Top Hat by HeloiseV
£8.10 (+ £1.62 p&p)
Cute boy octopus with a black top hat! About 3" wide and 2" tall without his hat, he has been crocheted with 100% cotton and has safety eyes. He has a top hat that has been crocheted in black and eight curly tentacles! 

Rupert The Owl in Coral and Grey by irenestrange
£29.16 (+ £2.59 p&p)
Rupert the Owl is crocheted by hand in John Arbon 100% Merino Wool, all made and spun right here in England. He is lined with coral silk mix fabric and is filled with polyester toy filler.

Panda with Bamboo by OrangeZoo
£7.78 (+ £2.59 p&p)
This listing is for an adorable hand crocheted panda. He was made with love and care. He will be a perfect present for someone special. The panda will come with a bamboo made of felt.  The panda is about 12cm tall when sitting (excluding the ears) and about 15cm when standing up.

Sally The Snake by mrsmcnair
£5 (+ £1.50 p&p)
Sally the snake is looking for a new home! She is very friendly and loves cuddles.  Sally is a lovely cream colour, but can be custom made in other shades. This would make an ideal gift for a reptile lover.  She measures approximately 22", and is made from 100% acrylic yarn. Safety eyes have been used (not recommended for under-3s), and the tongue is also yarn. 

Crochet Zebra by jarg0n
£15 (+ £3 p&p)
This cute little new born Zebra will make the perfect toy for a jungle themed childrens bedroom or a perfect gift for anyone young or old.
Size: Zuzu is 15cm/6inches tall.


  1. What an adorable selection! Thank you for including my frogs. :)

  2. How cute! :) Thanks so much for including the mouse that I made.

  3. Cute selection! Thanks for including Lion... He is in very good company!