Monday, 19 March 2012

Under Da Sea....

Good morning everyone!  And Happy Handmade Monday to you if you're joining us from Wendy's Blog.  I got my Enterprise Nation funded sewing machine over the weekend but have been so busy I haven't even taken it out of the box yet!  So my bit of Show-And-Tell for the week is my new knitting board (which I made at the end of last week) and a small purse which I made to test it out.   I'm quite pleased with the results but I need a bit more practice.  The wool is from Scrapstore which is about as close as you can get to heaven on an industrial park in Swindon.

Today's blog is full of sealife off Etsy.  It's a nice, colourful start to the week.

Copper Fish Pendant by adornjewels
£20 (+ free delivery)
This little fish has definite Celtic influence. Made out of tarnish resistant copper wire for the frame and then wrapped in raw copper. The raw copper is oxidized and contrasts well with the shiny copper. The pendant is approximately 1 inch wide and 2 inches long. It is suspended from a brown waxed cotton cord measuring 16 inches, including hand made hook and eye clasp.

Sock Crab by Witchysocks
£7.78 (+ £4.54 p&p)
Mr Krabb is looking for a new home. Lovingly made with clean new socks and lots of love. When stretched out sunbathing on a rock, he is 6 inches wide, 3 inches long and 3 inches tall.  

Flat Fish by evelyndavies
£27 (+ £27 p&p)
Cast aluminium flat fish about nine inches in length and just under half an inch thick great for hanging on the wall but look good just on the floor.

Killer Koi Handpainted Heels by kezbirdie
£90 (+ £6 p&p)
The shoe colour is a wonderful green/blue colour, round toed, with a Stiletto heel and a concealed platform.  There is a beautiful Koi, 2 lotuses and plenty of water on each shoe.

Ocean Life Hanging Mobile by TwoBirdsTextiles
£19.44 (+ £2.59 p&p)
Inspired by the Great British Seaside, this mobile is for the Ocean lover in us all. Swim around in your sleep with Whales, Squid and Crabs...  Original design. This is made for design purposes only and is NOT a toy.  Each ocean critter is hand stitched from brightly coloured felt, and stuffed with poly filling.  Perfect for hanging over a crib or bed.

Glass Octopus Bead by SilverByTheSea
£15 (+ £1.78 p&p)
This little purple sweetheart is sprawled on a bead that has been hand-crafted using various different glass to create a barnacled bit of shipwreck! It includes hand-pulled murrini and stringers. The octopus himself was created using a secret recipe, which gives the octopus his fluid look and if you look closeley at his arms, he even has tentacles!  The Bead is 27mm wide and 27mm tall at the widest point (octopus head) and has a 5mm hole, so will fit on the bracelet systems that are on the market.

Sea Creatures Finger Puppets by SooSun
£19.41 (+ free delivery)
3D fingertip puppets for adults and children…These original creations are hand stitched from colourful felts with the addition of silk embroidery and a little needle felting with 100% merino wools.  Will fit most adult fingertips and little ones fingers…great fun for storytelling and puppetry.

Handpainted Shark Mug by BrightonCrock
£9 (+ £4.50 p&p)
Guaranteed to keep your drinks safe from greedy fish, this is Brighton Crock's latest hand painted mug Shark & Chips. Chomp, chomp, chomp... 

Goin' Fishin' Stitch Markers by welshmillieswhimsies
£5.50  (+ £1 p&p)
Set of 6 different coloured fish stitch markers, hand made using polymer clay. No paint has been used on these stitch markers, just tiny pieces of clay.  Each fish measures approx 1.7 cm.  These markers are made for knitting needles upto size 6.5mm/10.5US. Each fish is on a snag free loop, with coordination seed beads.

Squeaky Wonky Octopus by ButterflyLove1
£10.37 (+ £2.92 p&p)
This baby wonky octopus is now ready to take her first swim out in the big wide world.  The ButterflyLove Octopus Sanctuary is looking for someone to take care of her at this special time. Can you help?  She is house trained, enjoys being washed in a warm wool machine wash and can be accommodated in any home (large or small) as she only measures approximately 7 inches from crown to tentacle tip. She also loves to squeak when having fun!


  1. The knitting board looks like a lot of fun. Enjoy your new sewing machine too! Love the sealife makes, what a really inspiring collection.

  2. I have recently moved back to Kent from Swindon! Good job I didn't find Scrapstore :) Lovely collection - many of my glass beads reflect that I live by the sea...just not the English Channel of the North Sea! Have fun with your new sewing machine! :)

  3. I really like the copper fishes - your site always makes me go and take a look on Etsy :)

  4. The knitting board looks lethal, I never coped with a knitting machine but god luck and look forward to seeing your makes.

  5. The knitting board looks interesting! I have never heard of that before. Love your picks this week too especially the copper fish. Mich :)

  6. Oh my goodness, I wish I'd known about Scrapstore when I lived near Swindon (although perhaps it's just as well that I didn't!)! And clever you for making a knitting board, the purse looks good. And I LOVE those shoes!

  7. Like the 'goin fishin' stitch markers and your knitting board looks very interesting!

  8. I love those cheery, funky shoes, just up my street! Have fun with your knitting machine!

  9. Those shoes are something else!! Congratulations on winning the funding. X

  10. That knitting board looks fun!And those shoes-ooh gorgeous!

  11. Amazing finds! Good luck with the new sewing machine.
    Jo x