Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Tutorial Tuesday - Flowers

Even though it's cold and frosty outside it's starting to feel like spring.  I think it's because I haven't been putting the lights on in a morning, although if I wanted to do anything more than making coffee and working on the computer I'd probably need a bit more light.  Now my little boy's walking, talking and causing all kinds of havoc I have to get up at 6am so I can blog in peace before he wakes up.  The lighter mornings make it feel a bit less early.

In honour of the coming of spring, today's blog is all about handmade flowers.  I'll start with some tutorials and then move on to kits.

Crochet Flower Squares Tutorial on Rose Hip

This crochet pattern is handy because the finished flower is surrounded by a square meaning it can easily be turned into a cushion cover, blanket, etc.

Felt Flowers Tutorial on Debbie Designs

This tutorial shows you how to make flowers by cutting shapes from felt, folding them and sewing together.  Once you have the basic method you can make many different flowers by changing the shape of the cut felt or the number of petals.

Red Ganutell Flower Tutorial on Ganutell Blossoms

Ganutell originated in Malta and is used to make flowers from thread, beads and wire.  It's on my to-do list of crafts I want to try.

Knitted Flower Recipe on Ingrid Murnane Investigates

This tutorial gives basic instructions to make a knitted flower which you can then adapt to create the look you want.

Folded Ribbon Rose Tutorial on Craft Fairy Designs

This tutorial shows you how to make a rose out of ribbon, using folding and a little bit of sewing.

And now for the kits...  These can all be bought off Etsy.

Flower Brooch Sewing Kit by sewanniesews
£3.65 (+ £1 p&p)
This kit makes 2 fabric flower brooches measuring 4” (10cm) across and contains:
* Illustrated instructions
* Fabric for petals and centres
* A little wadding
* 2 brooch backs
* Beads, a button and a little thread

African Violet Cross Stitch Kit by libbyfrance
£15.45 (+ 2.06 p&p)
Kit Includes:
* Colour Image of finished design
* Clearly marked black and white chart
* Aida 14 Count Fabric with 2” extra on each side
* Quality Needle and Thread
* DMC Cottons, pre sorted onto Bobbins, ready for use
* Beginners Guide

Denim Flower Brooch Kit by jezdesigns
£5.17 (+ £2.26)
This kit includes one sheet of simple instructions and a pattern-piece sheet to make various 5 petalled flowers for use as a brooch and/or hairslide decoration, or on other craft projects. It includes enough fabric, findings and (if needed) iron-on reinforcer to make one brooch. This one has lovely red and white wool felts, various blue denims and a cute red button.

Handspun Flower Kit by lazykate
£8 (+ £2 p&p)
The kit consists of 20g of handspun yarn, a handmade button in either navy blue or silver to embellish and a pattern to show you how it's done.  The pattern shows each layer of the flower seperately, so if you wanted to make it a little smaller, for a childs hat for example, just knit the first two layers.

Felt Flower Knitting Kit by CreatedandFelted
£4.53 (+ £2.10 p&p)
A sweet knit and felt project to create a shades of brown felt flower.  This complete kit comes with
* 3 shades of yarn
* Brooch back and pattern.
* Knitting needles
The Pattern booklet contains very clear knitting instructions in how to knit and sew up your flower.  Also additional instructions with full colour photos to guide you through hand felting your finished project


  1. Thanks Jenna for featuring my flower, what a lovely collection! Here's a link to it if you like it,


    1. Thanks so much for including my felt flower brooch. I've just finished creating some in zingy spring colours.