Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Tutorial Tuesday - Beading

After its week away Tutorial Tuesday is back - hurrray!  This week we're looking at beading.  As always there'll be blog tutorials first, followed by kits available on Etsy.

Beaded Bunting Jewellery Tutorial by Silverpebble

A tutorial to create garland jewellery from wire and beads.

String and Hexnut Bracelet Tutorial by Minieco

Tutorial to make pretty bracelets from string and hexnuts using macrame knots.

Interchangeable Bead Necklace Tutorial by Pennydog

Make a pretty bead necklace using a safety pin so the beads can be changed whenever you want.

Wire Wrapped Ring Tutorial by The Bead Doctor

Create a beautiful ring using beads and wire.

Shamballa Bracelet Tutorial by Beadistinctive

Make a bracelet using beads, cord and lots of square knots.

Want to try beading?  Here's some kits to get you started...

Beadweaving Kit for Beaded Beads by nemeton
£10 (+ £1 p&p)
All the beads you need to make three beautiful peyote stitched beaded beads, including a tutorial with full step by step instructions and colour photographs to show you how! The seed beads in the kit are carefully labelled to correspond with the tutorial and will cover the wooden core beads perfectly with a smooth layer of patterned beadwork. The finished beads are approximately 1" (25mm) in diameter.

Sterling Silver Cufflink Kit by mizgeorge
£12.50 (+ £1.50 p&p)
Each kit contains two bar ends (approx 22mm length) with a short length of heavyweight chain ending with a soldered link, allowing the finished cufflinks to take a lot of wear and tear. You will also receive a pair of specially designed headcaps with a 5mm diameter and a 1.2mm pin, making them particularly suitable for lampwork beads and discs. Each is long enough to allow for a single turn wrapped loop at the back to securely attach to the chain.

Bead Ring Kit by Abbyjewellery
£6.94 (+ £2.58 p&p)
This kit includes the tutorial which will be emailed to you and the materials for one ring. Choose from copper or silver plated wire and one of the following beads:
* Rose Quartz
* Red Agate
* Fluorite
* Lime Jade

Scissorkeeper Kit by lornabateman22
£29.01 (+ £2.26 p&p)
This delightful scissorkeeper kit contains everything needed to complete the design. The design includes a number of 3-dimensional stitches, which incorporate the beads into the actual stitches themselves, as well as a number of different beading techniques. A full kit is provided or the option of pattern and print or pattern only.

Bead Weaving Kit by TheEndlessKnot
£5.49 (+ free delivery)
The kit includes beads, beading needle, bracelet findings, chart and instructions
You can weave the bracelet on a loom (not included) or without a loom (detailed instructions provided) You will also need beading thread ( not included in the kit) 

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