Thursday, 15 March 2012

Random Lighting

Today I wanted to do a blog on meccano.  I had images of meccano handbags and things...  but sadly the people of Etsy have let me down this time and there just isn't enough meccano on there to fill a blog. Fortunately I did see the amazing meccano lamp featured here which set me looking at all the other weird and wonderful lamps available.  A lot of these lamps are from the USA so some of the postage prices are very high (just thought I should warn you).

Hanging Pendant Grater Lamp by Jordenski
£32.72 (+ £13.09 p&p)
This grater lamp is perfect for the kitchen or diningroom.
Height: 9 inch - 23cm
Width: 4,3 inch - 11cm
Adjustable white cord wire: (also available in black) 40 inch - 100 cm
Fitting: E27
Bulb included!

Vintage Green Blow Dryer Lamp by clcort
£81.80 (+ £19.63 p&p)
This is a sweet 50s mint green dryer, upcycled into an accent lamp with a 15 watt bulb. The dryer handle is mounted in a heavy metal silver pully from the same time period. While the plug is original, the wiring inside the dryer has been removed to make way for the light fixture. The handle of this dryer is wood.The lamp is operated with its original ON/OFF switch.

Chevrolet Impala Hubcap Light by StarlingInk
£29.44 (+ £26.80 p&p)
This vintage 1966 Chevrolet Impala hubcap has been transformed into a fun and functional wall sconce / lamp. Light shines through the Chevy Bowtie in the center of the hubcap.  Hubcap diameter is 14". Cord is 6 feet long with on/off switch. Includes 7.5 watt bulb. 

Industrial Chic Desk Lamp by KozoLamp
£241.48 (+ free delivery)
Desk lamp mage from upcycled galvanised iron.
Weight: 1.7kg
Width: 80mm
Length: 140mm
Height: 260mm
Input: AC 110/220v
Light bulb: Halogen bi-pin, GY6, 35w Max

Mad Scientist Lamp by TenGaugeElectric
£58.90 (+ £65.44 p&p)
This unique hand-crafted lamp is made from salvaged electrical pieces, finished with two Edison-style 40W lightbulbs.

Meccano Desk Lamp by Hoedan
£169.72 (+ £10.23 p&p)
Unique design lamp, hand made from vintage Meccano construction elements. This lamp is 60 cm high, the shade is 30cm wide. 

Vintage Motorcycle Sconce by ClassifiedMoto
£149.86 (+ £49.73 p&p)
These wall sconces are made to order using available parts from salvaged Japanese motorbikes. The base is made from a brake rotor and ranges between 8.5" and 12" in diameter. The vertical section is made from a shock absorber and spring.

Old Vintage Reel to Reel Projector Lamp by forgeandburn
£81.80 (+ £32.72 p&p)
The lamp is wired to the projector's on/off switch to ceate a unique and unusual lamp.

Tea Pot Lamp by StuffByJenB
£38.61 (+ £19.63 p&p)
This is a beautiful lamp made from antique tea cups, saucers, and a tea pot.

Mustard Thermos Table Lamp by Lampified
£64.79 (+ £11.77 p&p)
This modern-meets-victoriana table lamp is made with a mustard yellow, vintage plastic Thermos that’s in great condition. The octagonal wooden base was found at a thrift store and refinished by hand, so it has a deep brown, satiny glow. The bell lampshade is brand new and complements the base nicely with its geometric shape, and its chocolate-brown piping detail around the edge. The overall style of the lamp is an attractive blend of classic ‘70s vintage and victorian/bohemian chic - makes for a cheerful, warm addition to a wide range of interiors.

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  1. Jenna - fabulous collection....some I've never seen before. Thank you so much for including our blow dryer light....we're thrilled to be among such stellar company!