Friday, 16 March 2012

Defunct Technology

Morning everyone!  If you've been following my Enterprise Nation funding application, you'll be pleased to hear I got my money yesterday.  Woo!  So I'm off sewing machine shopping tomorrow.  I'm getting the Brother X-5 and then I'll have some money left over for supplies.  It will be exactly 3 weeks from applying for the funding to getting my sewing machine, which is pretty good going but it felt like I was waiting forever for the funding to come through.  If you're thinking about applying to Fund101, I'd say it's definitely worth doing but be warned that getting your votes is hard work so think seriously about how many votes you can realistically get.  And it can take up to 2 weeks to receive the funding once you've hit your target so don't get excited about any special offers - I missed out on two really good offers while I was waiting for my money.

Today's blog is about upcycling defunct technology and everything here is from Etsy.

Cassette Belt Buckle by analogpark
£9 (+ £2 p&p)
This buckle is made from Black 'Siouxsie and the Banshees' cassette for the album 'Through the looking glass'. It has so much character and would make a great gift for a stylish friend who needs that cutting edge extra !  The fastening on the back is the same as a standard belt buckle so this will fit nicely on your snap belt. 

Notebook in a Cassette Box by craftykunst
£10 (+ £6 p&p)
Notebook in a cassette box, made from recycled newsprint, TDK cassette cover and plastic cassette case. 224 pages. 

Copper Computer Chip Pendant by XercesArt
£21.58 (+ £1.96 p&p)
This is a resin set pendant made using an old recycled computer chip from an old motherboard. It has been cut from the printed circuit board, impregnated in resin, then filed down to expose the copper pattern inside the chip. This item has been polished and glazed to show off the shiny copper in its full glory. Whoever thought a computer chip could look so pretty?

Circuit Board Pendant by LeopardPrintBee
£7.85 (+ £1.11 p&p)
This deep blue pendant is carefully shaped out of an old circuit board. Due to the nature of the circuit board, there are components on both sides, so this can be worn either way round. One side has resistors on, while the other has various components. The necklace is very lightweight and strung on a silver plated 18” chain. 

Computer Key Brooch by oldstuffnewthings
£2.62 (+ 98p p&p)
Bring back the eighties with a computer key brooch - cleaned up and rescued from a keyboard heading for death in the dump. Fastens with a steel butterfly pin back. Perfect for jacket lapels, bags or any other fabric.  Brooch measures 18 x 18 mm approx. 12mm deep.

3 Tiered Vintage Record Cupcake Stand by RoseberryStore
£10 (+ £3 p&p)
This is a beautiful 3 tiered stand made from 3 different sized vintage records with a gold coloured centre spine and handle, a great statement piece!  The stand comes flat packed in a record sleeve with full assembly instructions.

Record Handbag by tuppencehapenny
£60 (+ £7.50 p&p)
Stylish rock n roll purse made from two recycled vintage records. The bag is lined with a vintage repro cocktails print fabric. The purse has clear lucite acrylic handles, attached with red satin ribbon.

LP Notebook by TheGiftShed
£12.50 (+ £2.65 p&p)
A hard cover coptic bound notebook. The front cover has been cut out of a real vinyl record, the back cover has been made using the record sleeve. The back cover has been lined with black card.  The binding has been done using 100% linen thread. Coptic binding allows the book to be opened completely flat at every page. 

Copper Typewriter Key Watch by kapunk
£49.04 (+ £1.31 p&p)
Stunning watch made from vintage typewriter keys. Should fit most wrists as it has 5 small links that the clasp can attach to. The other links are thin copper rings that give this watch a light elegant touch. It has the keys 3C9 on one strap and 20T on the other (no significance! chosen at random)

VHS Tape Bangle by LuniqueUK
£18 (+ free delivery)
The base is made of denim from jeans, and covering this is the tape from inside a video ('Grease' I believe...) which has been plaited. It is accented with silver thread and tiny black and silver beads to give it that extra sparkle. This bangle is completely unique and made almost entirely from recycled materials!


  1. Thank you so much for including me in your blog :) Brilliant blog, and well done on getting your funding! :)

    Kat x

  2. As I use a lot of recycled packaging and bits and pieces in my own work it was a real joy to see these fabulous pieces by other people.Excellent work

  3. Great post! Thank you for including my bangle :-D I love upcycled items, this is a very innovative collection!

    Lucy (LuniqueUK)

  4. Thanks so much for including my LP notebook. Some great finds there :)