Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Tutorial Tuesday - RosMadeMe

I'm all for buying handmade and supporting British crafters but you just can't beat making something yourself.  So from now on Tuesdays are going to celebrate the talented, generous people who share their crafting knowledge free of charge through blog tutorials.

I'm going kick off Tutorial Tuesdays with RosMadeMe  This blog has a good variety of tutorials with an emphasis on fabric crafts and knitting.  Here's a selection of the tutorials, but check out her blog - there's plenty of tutorials to keep you busy for weeks!

Rumer's Cook Book Cover Tutorial
To make this lovely book cover you will need:
Two contrasting fabrics




Cotton, pins, thread, tape measure and scissors or rotary cutter, ruler and mat

Iron and ironing board

Chop stick

Box of matches

China Painting Tutorial
To create unique handpainted china you will need:
Small plain teapot, milk jug, cup and saucer or mugs
China Paints

Paint brushes, sponges (use non-scratch dish sponges) and stiff card

Old plate to act as your palette

Valentine's Gift Box Hearts Tutorial
To create this Valentine's gift you will need:
A decoupage box
A sheet of background paper

Contrasting paper(s)

Heart shaped stamp

Glue gun or PVA glue or Double sided sticky foam


Scalpel or pair of sharp paper scissors

A cable needle or metal knitting needle or something else pointy but not sharp

Craft mat 
When you visit the blog, remember to leave a comment - it's just polite!

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  1. Jenna, Thank you so much for featuring my craft tutorials on your blog. Look forward to seeing some of your readers on my blog :)