Wednesday, 15 February 2012

International Week - Australia & New Zealand!

It's day three of International Week and we're leaving our near neighbours in Europe and heading off to the other side of the world to see what the Australian and New Zealand crafters have to offer.  Ah, if only this was real life and not just a blog....  Random fact - the only sale on my Etsy shop (sob!) went all the way to Western Australia (hurray!).  This is one of those blogs where I want to own the majority of items but money's tight and my birthday's not til October so for now I have to make do with looking and going "oohhhh, pretty!"

Belle Charm by momocharms on Etsy
£10.89 (+ £5.72 p&p)
Belle from the Beauty and the Beast stands at about 2 inches tall. She is made from high quality polymer clay, her details are painted on with acrylic paint and she is glazed. She is a chibi and ever so pretty.

Handpainted Bracelet by Handcraftedgifts on DaWanda
€22 (+ €5.99 p&p)
Inspired by Russian traditional folk art, this summery bracelet features bright flowers to brighten up your day. Painted with lots of love and care, using top quality acrylic paint over a wooden base. Gloss varnish adds shine to the finished piece.
Size: 7cm in diameter it should easily fit a medium sized wrist.
Width: 2.5cm (1")

Mother of Pearl Elephant Ring by PolliniAtelier on Etsy
£7.20 (+ £2.62 p&p)
This lovely ring features a white elephant made of mother of pearl sits snugly on a silver plated vintage style filigree base. The elephant cabochon measures 13x11mm.  Ring is adjustable to fit any size finger.

Lovebird Necklace by JewelryDeli on Etsy
£17.01 (+ £2.29 p&p)
A beautiful necklace of two sweet sparrows on a branch.The pendant is in tarnish resistant rhodium plating on soft pewter and has a Matte silver finish. It has two tiny rhodium plated leaves which can be personalised with lower case initials.  The pendant is dangling on a fine rhodium plated brass chain. The rhodium plated brass is more long lasting, scratch resistant and more tarnish resistant and finished off with a parrot clasp.

Small Muddler by foresttreasures on DaWanda
€30 (+ €7 p&p)
This Caipirinha and Caprioska muddler is designed for use in small to medium glasses.  Besides being perfect for muddling ingredients for most small-glass cocktails, the short muddler is also great in the kitchen. Grind up spices straight on your cutting board or on the bench top. Plus it'll look great sat in your kitchen.

Retro Peg Apron by feature on Etsy
£19.62 (+ £4.91 p&p)
This apron has deep pockets left and right for easy access to the pegs.   A contrast front pocket for special pegs, your hanky or cellphone. A loop at the front to let you hang it up in your laundry. Its simply too pretty to hide. Reinforced corners.

Victorian Rose Necklace by cleobelle on DaWanda
€19 (+ €2 p&p)
A gorgeous parchment pale pink rose is affixed to a filigree which has then been handwired together along with a trail of lovely pale pink Czech crystals.  The antique brass chain and clasp closure finishes the necklace beautifully. The flower measures approx 1.5" (3.8cms)in diameter and the total length of the necklace is 18".

Blue Seatbelt Clutch Bag by interrobang on Etsy
£16.35 (+ £4.58 p&p)
This cute little pouch is part of the seatbelt range from Interrobang. These bags are incredibly strong and are guaranteed to be a conversation starter! People will be amazed when you tell them what it's made from.  Features magnetic snap closure inside top width of webbing.

Leather Wallet by office-of-minor-details on DaWanda
€24 (+ free delivery)
This is a hand cut, folded, punched and stitched leather wallet/cardholder, crafted from a single piece of beautifully soft New Zealand leather. This wallet is made with a unique 3D pattern which means it is pre-formed to take your cards and money with having to force them in. It is double saddle stitched with 1mm waxed polyester thread.  The wallet holds up to 10 plastic cards and a few folded bank notes.

"Statistical Analysis..." Zine by funiscool on DaWanda
€4 (+ €3 p&p)
Here we have lots of silly and sincere graphs of different things. It is important to break down the types of birds in the city into a pie chart (pigeons win by the way), or an x,y graph of the consistence of the apple juice stain on my shirt etc. Then to record the results on blue blue blue paper. Very important. Oh and in every copy there is a hand-drawn/personalised graph that is done just for that one.  Click on the picture to see examples of the graphs.

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