Friday, 10 February 2012

Handmade Dolls

I've said before, I'm not much of a girly girl, but there's something special about handmade dolls.  I even made one for my son last Christmas.  By the way, I think superhero dolls are going to trend soon.  Everyone loves a cape...  Anyway, back to my blog.  Today it's all about handmade dolls and they've all come from Etsy.  I've tried to get a range of styles and prices but some are more expensive than my usual picks due to the huge amount of work that goes into making a doll.  Hope you enjoy the dolls and have a good weekend!  I'll be back with more lovely handmade goodies on Monday.
Handmade Cloth Doll by Mamta Mertner
£58.32 (+ £5.18 p&p)
This is a 68.5 cm (27 inch) cloth doll that can be made to order in any colour scheme you want.  She can be customized to can have the quirky features and personality of your choice.  She has a hand drawn face, button joints and individually tied hair.
Coraline Crochet Amigurumi Doll by AmigurumiBarmy
£42 (+ £3 p&p)
This is a hand crocheted amigurumi made to look like Coralines doll from the film 'Coraline'. She is 12" 32cm tall. She is made from a mix of natural wool, cotton and bamboo yarns. Her hair is made of wool roving and her coat and wellys from recycled felt. She also has a lace skirt.

Denim Ragdoll by oonaloo
£14.26 (+ £2.59 p&p)
This doll is about 31 cm or 12 inches tall.  She has a cheeky grin and sticky out plaits.  Her outfit is 100% Cotton African Wax Print and she has a turquoise satin ribbon round her waist. She has denim skin and brown cotton drill hair. She has buttons for her eyes.  She is filled with safe, supersoft polyester toy filling.

Harry Potter Wooden Peg Dolls by Erinnies
£5.18 each (+ £2.59 p&p)
These peg dolls are 2 3/8" (60mm) tall and hand-painted with non toxic acrylic paint and coated with a non toxic clear lacquer. The link will take you to the Ron Weasley doll but if you visit Erinnies' shop other characters are available.

Heather Waldorf Doll by Leles Dolls
£71.29 (+ £4.54 p&p)
This is Heather, she is a Waldorf Doll . She is completely handmade and stands 16" tall . Heather has a pale skin tone and autumnal coloured hair.  Heather is wearing a purple summer top which is tied at the shoulder with ribbon , 3/4 length trousers, crochet blue summer shoes with red flower detail, a sun hat and a crochet bag with flower detail and ladybird button. This doll is flexible and her limbs moves easily.

Felt Pirate Doll by FeltLikeStitchin
£8.50 (+ free delivery)
Roger the Pirate is hand stitched from navy blue felt with a pale pink felt head and a black pirate hat, complete with skull and crossbones. He has an appliqued and stitched face, with eyepatch and a lime green spotted scarf on his body.  He is approx. 3.5" tall and plumply stuffed with Polyfill.

Custom Made Waldorf Doll by PopcornSnow
£68.69 (+ free delivery)
A Unique Sewn Doll. Choose from 5 cotton skin tones.  Fully stylable long hair, funky short hair or something in-between.  Each doll is lovingly made to your taste.  Comes with underwear, socks and boots and a choice of shirt and trousers or shirt and dress.  The dolls are stuffed with sheeps fleece and are softer and more cuddly than a typical Waldorf doll. Their faces are embroidered and hair is from mixed yarns.

Traditional Rag Doll by fabriccreations4u
£35 (+ £4.95 p&p)
Gorgeous girl rag doll, Child friendly (Adults love them too). Calico body, safety eyes, painted nose and mouth, wool hair, high quality removeable clothing, hollowfill polyester filling. Approximately 20 inches tall. Made with love and looking for loving homes.


  1. So many cute dolls! Thanks for including Roger the Pirate:)

  2. This is such a co-imcidence. I have just blogged about two rag dolls and then went into my blog to view and found you as a new follower so followed the link to here and what do I find, dolls. Lovely dolls in fact, not to be compared to my rag dolls of course lol. but what a co-incidence.
    I will probably never make any more but yours are like heirloom dolls, beautifully made. Thankyou for following me I have joined your happy band of followers tool

  3. I was going to follow you but can't find out how.???? or where to 'click'