Monday, 6 February 2012

Gifts for a Reader

It's Handmade Monday!!!!  If you have a craft blog or you like reading other people's craft blogs pop along to 1st Unique Gifts and join in.  Well, pop along after you've had a look at all these gorgeous handmade items for book lovers.

Alice in Wonderland Charm Bookmark by hoolala on Etsy
£8.12 (+ £3.25 p&p)
Handmade charm bookmark featuring a quote from Alice in Wonderland.

Book Cover by valja on DaWanda
€13 (+ €5 p&p)
Handmade cotton book cover.

Fabric Cat Book End by VillaRosieCreations on Etsy
£14.50 (+ £2 p&p)
Cat book end made in a lovely spotty cotton fabric, with a sand colour linen blend fabric used for the back and base.  It has a black felt hand stiched nose, hand stiched eyes, an appliqué shiney gold tail and whiskers made from natural jute twine.  It measures approx : 20cm high x 12cm wide x 8 deep

Oak and Teak Heart Book Ends by HeartofOOAK on Etsy
£18 (+ £5 p&p)
Pair of oak bookends with teak hearts. The oak comes from furniture making offcuts and the teak is from a reclaimed door threshold. Treated with linseed oil to bring out the colours and grain and then waxed. Dimensions 162mm high x 113mm wide x 99mm deep. Dimension of teak hearts 119mm x 50mm x 29mm.

Mah Jong Tile Book Marks by Peblsrock Seaglass on Folksy
£6.80 (+ £1.20 p&p)
This unusual item comprises a set of five mah jong tiles, one to five from one of the four winds. These are all suspended from lengths of black cord thong with a small Tibetan silver charm at the opposing end, flowers or leaves. 

Vintage Book Page Heart Necklace by houseofismay on Etsy
£12 (+ free delivery)
Handmade heart pendant covered in an old book page.  It measures 20 x 18mm and hangs on a 22cm steel chain. 

Felt Red Rose Book Mark by softadditions on Etsy
£8 (+ £1.50 p&p)
Bookmark Red Rose book mark for a loved one, a lovely gift for someone special that can be used and remembered time after time.  Has been hand felted from soft merino wool to form a lovely rose bud.  Measures approx 7.5" or 19cm

Rustic Book End by H R C Design on Folksy
£23 (+ free delivery)
Appliqued hearts with button detailing in natural cotton and linen appliqued on a hessian door stop or book end.  Handmade in Wiltshire.


  1. All so lovely, but must admit that the bookends are my favourite. Hope you have a good week.

  2. I love the appliqued bookends, really unusual.

    Kim x

  3. What a lovely group of handmade gorgeousness. Love those rustic house ones!!

  4. A lovely selection, the felt rose is perfect for St Valentines Day.

    Jan x

  5. I really enjoy the eclectic mix you pick from Etsy and Folksy... what I don't like i s realising how much I want them all! :)

  6. what a lovely selection of goodies :)

  7. Oh wow, what an awesome collection! These are retweetable!

  8. What a lovely little collection! Mich :)

  9. Great collection - have a bit of a soft spot for both the bookmark ones and that really great cat doorstop!

    Ali x

  10. Well, I like the the appliqued bookends. Good Selection. You and your blog will surely get the credit.

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