Thursday, 26 January 2012

New Shops on Etsy

Every day crafters open new shops on Etsy.  As Etsy's such a large marketplace many people find it difficult to get their products noticed and customers can be nervous about buying from a seller who doesn't have any feedback.  So today I'm going to highlight some of the gorgeous items you can find in recently opened shops.  Please show these new sellers your support by looking at their shops and adding any items you like to your favourites.  We all need a bit of encouragement from time to time.
Astronaut Pillow by SixesnSevens
£39.57 (+ £4.15 p&p)

I absolutely adore this handpainted pillow.  The pillow case is made from calico cotton with a pale blue cotton panel. SixesnSevens opened their shop in December and currently stock seven pillows, a pin cushion and a doorstop.

Sea Green Glass Hemp Bracelet by ZilverbizJewellery
£5.28 (+ £0.99 p&p)
Natural beige hemp bracelet with embedded 8mm sea green crackle glass beads.  Total width approximately 10mm.  The size is adjustable due to sliding knot closure.  ZilverbizJewellery opened their shop this month.  They currently stock 68 items of jewellery all under £10!

Felt Heart with Embroidered Flower by SophiesCupboard
£3.00 (+ £2.00 p&p)
This incredibly cute enmbroidered felt heart has a satin ribbon for hanging.  SophiesCupboard opened their shop this month.  They currently stock 10 felt hearts, a flower brooch, two pictures and three sorts of confetti.

Heart Bunting by RoseCottageCraftsUK
£9.00 (+ £1.50 p&p)
This crocheted heart bunting is about 3m long.  It has nine hearts and can be made in any colour you like.  RoseCottageCraftsUK opened their shop in December.  They currently stock this heart banner, crocheted Christmas puddings and square crocheted cushion.

Matilda Mouse by FeltLikeaMouse
£20.77 (+ £1.98 p&p)
Matilda is needle felted from purple Merino wool with black onyx beads for eyes.  She is 13cm tall.  FeltLikeaMouse opened their shop last Friday and currently stock seven needle felted mice.

Hello Scrabble Card by sojeanbrodie
£1.81 (+ £0.66 p&p)
5"x5" card hand stamped with rubber stamps and ink on 250gsm with envelope.  Personalised cards are also available.  sojeanbrodie opened their shop on Tuesday.  They currently stock twelve Scrabble cards and two rings.

Crescent Wine Bottle Holder by HudsonCarpentry
£19.95 (+ £3.49)
A gorgeous wooden wine bottle holder handcrafted from oak and ash.  The holder measures around 283mm in length, 73mm in width and 40mm at the thickest point.  HudsonCarpentry opened their shop yesterday and only stocks this item at the moment.

You As A Pin Up Girl by jessesharville
£81.80 (+ £2.62)
Send jessesharville 2 photos of yourself and she will draw you as a pin up in the pose of your choice.  Pictures take 1-2 weeks to complete.  jessesharville opened their shop yesterday and currently stock three pin up girl prints as well as the chance to become a vintage pin up yourself.

If you know a crafter who deserves to be featured in this blog, why not comment and tell me about them and they just might be featured in a future post!

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  1. Many thanks for supporting my new Etsy shop! I have been on Folksy for a bit but find Etsy SOOOO much bigger!
    Rose Cottage Crafts