Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Cute Kids, Clocks and Cushion Covers

This is a post I meant to write last month - I had all the photos ready and knew what I was going to say - and then Hubby got admitted to hospital for a week with a flare up of his colitis.  Then we spent Christmas and New Year travelling the country to visit family.  So suddenly it's a month later and I still haven't posted my blog!  Ah well...  here it is, better late than never.

This is a nice little make, creating really easy cushion covers.  The cover in the photo was for a cheap cushion from Ikea but they would work just as well to revitalise old cushions.  All you need is a cushion, a large piece of fabric (roughly 3 times the size of your cushion), a ruler, a pen or chalk to make your pattern, a needle and thread (or sewing machine) and pins.

The first job is to measure your cushion and add 1cm to your measurements.  You then want to mark out three panels on your fabric (these will be refered to as '1', '2' and '3').  The first 2 panels will be your cushion measurements plus 1cm.  The third panel will be the same width as the first 2 panels but will only be about half the length.  My cushion is 36cm x 36cm so my panels are 37cm wide.  The first 2 panels are 37cm long and the final panel is 20cm long.  The length of the final panel doesn't have to be exact, just go with what you think looks good.

Cut your fabric to size, allowing about 2cm margin around your pattern.  Fold the ends of your fabric over twice to create a hem and pin in place.  Sew these hems down.

Place your fabric top side up and fold the small panel (panel 3) over, using your pattern as a guide.  Then fold the top panel (panel 1) over along your guide line.

Pin the fabric in place and then sew the sides shut along the guidelines.

Now you can insert your cushion into the cover.  Unfold panel 1 and place the cushion inside.  Unfold panel 3 to enclose the cushion.

Your cushion cover is now complete.  See... it's really easy!


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