Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Cute Kids, Clocks and Etsy Treasuries

This week I have become addicted to Etsy Treauries.  I've been selling on Etsy for a couple of months now but I've not really taken part in the "community" until this week.  To be honest, I've had a look on the forum and it doesn't really interest me.  Likewise I've joined some teams but most of the discussions just seem to be "Look what I made!" so I got bored of them pretty quick.  But then I started making Treasuries....

Treasuries are collections of 16 items (although I could only 'print screen' 12 when I was getting the pictures for my blog) and they usually have a theme.  I like to do my treasuries with an animal theme, such as the guinea pig treasury above and this ladybird treasury:

For me, as a seller, there are several advantages to creating treasuries. 

The first is that it's fun.  It's like window shopping on Etsy and I find it inspiring to see what everybody else is making.  

The second is that it can help with your market research.  While looking through all the items available for your treasury you can get a good feel for not only the amount of products available but also the variety.  For the ladybird treasury I had almost 2,000 varied items to choose from.  Whereas for the puffin treasury below there were less than 300 items to choose from and these were mostly art, cards and jewellery.  This tells me that if I made a puffin clock (something I've been considering for a while) it'll stand out on Etsy far more than my ladybird clock does.

Finally it can help bring people to your shop.  I was sceptical that creating a list advertising other people's products would be a good way to market my own but since I started compiling treasuries my both my views and like have increased.  I haven't seen an increase in sales yet, but surely increasing the number of visitors to my shop increases the likelihood of a sale?  As free marketing goes, I'm pleased with the results so far.

If you're on Etsy, I'd recommend creating a few treauries to drive extra customers to your shop.  It's free, fun, easy and, unlike most internet marketing, uncomplicated.  Just remember a couple of golden rules - never include your own items in your treasury (it's just not done) and create your treasuries around a theme which is compatible with your shop.  As I sell cute animal clocks, most of my treasuries are of cute animals.  That way I know the people who make the items I've featured like cute animals and the people who look at the treasury like cute animals, so anyone who comes to look at my shop through the treasury is more likely to like my clocks than if I'd done a treasury of cranberry glass or comedy t-shirts.

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