Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Cute Kids, Clocks and Lions

 Inspired by my birthday trip to the zoo, I've been working on a lion template.  All my designs begin life this way and then the size, material and method are adapted depending on what I'm making.  The lion in the photographs is made from craft foam and is going to go on a bag, but it would also look good made from felt or coloured paper .

The first step is to print out the template at the bottom of the post onto A4 paper (for a lion that is 21cm tall).  Then cut out each section.


 Draw round the templates on your coloured material and cut them out.  For this lion I've used bright yellow for the back legs, pale yellow for the body and brown for the mane.  As he's a very cartoony lion you can use any colours but I find it works best if the legs and body are different shades of the same colour.  Remember to do 2 eyes and 2 pupils!

  Depending on the materials you've used and what you intend to do with your lion you can either glue or sew your lion.  Here I've stuck my lion together with PVA to hold all the pieces in place while I sew it.

And here's my finished lion, sewn onto what will be the pocket of a shopping bag.  The mouth is stitched on but could also be drawn on or you could leave your lion without a mouth, as in the previous photo.

I hope you have fun making your own very easy but very cute lion!

 Lion Template

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