Monday, 14 November 2011

Cute Kids, Clocks and The Dangly Santa

The original Dangly Santa was made by my Granny in the 70s.  I'm not sure where she got the pattern from, so apologies for not creditting the person who created the original Dangly Santa.  

Dangly Santa has been hung in my Mum's house every Christmas for longer than I've been alive.  I've always loved him so I decided to make one for my house.  I created a template by drawing round the original.  You can download a PDF of the template if you follow these links:

To create your own Dangly Santa you will need card, thing string or strong thread, a needle, red, white and black felt and white fur.

The first step for creating your own Dangly Santa is to cut out each part of the template and use them to cut the following pieces from the card:
  • 1 x hat
  • 2 x eyes
  • 1 x nose
  • 1 x moustache
  • 1 x beard
 The next step is to join these pieces of card together.  On the template there are crosses marking where you need to attach the thread.  The picture on the left shows the distance between all the different body parts.  The measurements are rough guides, you can change them to what you feel looks right.

The thread out of the top of the hat can be as long as you like - just remember to put a loop on the end, as this is how you will hang you Santa.  I recommend you start with the thread on the top of the hat and then attach the nose, moustache and beard.  This way you can hold your Santa by the hanging thread to make sure your Santa's eyes are level before you attach them.  Once everything is placed how you want it your next step is to cut out the felt shapes.  You will need the following pieces:
  • 2 x hat (red)
  • 2 x trim (white fur)
  • 4 x eye (white felt)
  • 4 x pupil (black)
  • 2 x nose (red)
  • 2 x moustache (white fur)
  • 2 x beard (white fur)

Then you simply glue the material to the card.  You want fabric on both sides of the card, including pupils on both sides of the eyes.  This might seem a bit strange but once your Santa is hung, the different bits will spin round and he'll look very odd if you can't see the pupils in both his eyes.

Now you have your own Dangly Santa all ready for Christmas!!!

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