Friday, 7 October 2011

Cute Kids, Clocks & The Scary First Blog Post

I've been considering blogging for a while but I've been too scared.  I probably have the same concerns as many first time bloggers - Will anyone read my blog?  Will anyone like my blog?  What if I'm really boring?  Do I have time for this?

So far it's not going too well.  It's taken me 3 days to get past the title!  So apologies to the first 11 visitors to my blog who just got to see a pretty background and the words 'No posts.'  It's not that I'm a really slow typer (although I'm currently cudddling a sleeping baby with my right arm and typing with my left hands, so that's slowed me down somewhat), I've been busy with the grumpy, drooly mess that is my son.  Lochlan's 8 months old and expecting tooth number 3 so it's a full time job trying to keep him happy.  

As well as raising Lochlan, I make clocks which I sell on my website Cute Kids Clocks.  I won't get rich making clocks, I just want to make enough money so I can stay home with Lochlan.  Being able to make a living doing something I love is an added bonus.

As I can only blog one-handed during naptimes, this blog is going straight from my brain to the internet so apologies for any errors or typos.  I try to proof read as I go but I'm sure some mistakes will slip through.  My plan is to write about whatever it is that I'm up to.  So some posts will be about my crafting, some will be about marketing and there'll stuff about Lochlan and whatever else is on my mind that day.  If I come across any good craft tutorials or useful marketing tools I'll share them with you.  I'll share my craft makes and maybe a few recipes (but only the ones with the best results).  Hopefully there'll be something you'll enjoy reading.  I think my first "real" post will be about advertising on Bing or joining Etsy, as they're both on my to-do list and it might encourage me to actually do them.

Until then if you'd like to know more about me or Cute Kids Clocks why not have a look at the following pages.
website -
facebook -
twitter - @cutekidsclocks

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  1. I can sympathise with you on the baby front. Any time i sit down an look at the pc my daughter Chloe decides its time for mummy cuddles and print button pressing lol